So you want to take a group of students on an educational tour, right? Great! We’re glad that you found us here at Educational Travel Consultants because we’ve got the experience it takes to help you begin your exciting venture.

If you’re a first time traveler, you may be asking yourself the following question:

  1. Decide on a destination and a focus for your trip (ie. history, music, art, etc.).
  2. Talk to your school administration to make sure that your trip will have the necessary permission and support of your school/district.
  3. Get your team together.

    You’ll need to select teachers and or parents to serve as chaperones with you when you travel. These team members are crucial to the success of your tour because your team will help you organize your fund-raising. They will disperse and gather information for you. They will help you make decisions like who should room with whom, and who sits where on the bus. They will also help you remember key due dates along the way. The stronger and more organized your team, the easier and better your trip preparation will be!

    Remember, ETC gives you 1 free chaperone for every ten paying travelers!

  4. Begin the process of selecting your tour company.

    This will be a fun challenge for you since there are quite a few student travel companies “out there” for you to choose from. Naturally, you’ve found us at ETC already, and to be honest, we don’t believe there is any reason to shop elsewhere! Sometimes, however, you’re required by your administration to gather at least two other quotes besides ours. Hey, we can work with that.

  5. Request a quote/proposal by calling ETC at 800-247-7969 or fill out the online form by clicking here. Remember that with ETC, all of our proposals are fully customizable.

  6. As you consider the different proposals you’ve collected, don’t hesitate to call us and we’ll be happy to help you wade through the sometimes muddy water of comparing one company to another. Keep in mind that “consulting” is in our name. We’ll help you see differences, inclusions, exclusions, and if we can’t meet or beat a competitor’s offer, we’ll be the first to say to you, “that’s a great deal - - you need to grab it while it’s hot!”

  7. Book your trip! You have made it through the selection process and now you’re ready to firm things up for your trip. Great job! Give us a call toll free: 800-247-7969, and we’ll help you ink the deal and begin making your trip reservations for you!