1. Try to limit luggage to one suitcase and a small carry on. If you are flying, luggage limits are two suitcases and one carry-on. However, we still recommend that you use the one suitcase rule as it will be much easier to manage.
  2. Eating and drinking is allowed on most buses that we charter, but at the bus driver’s discretion it may be discontinued. Please keep your buses clean!
  3. Our trips can be packaged so that there is no need for a lot of less cash to be brought on the trip. If you decide to do lunches on your own, may we suggest $10 per day per student for lunches and $50-75 (total) for souvenirs?
  4. While in the city of your destination, please try to stay in groups of four or more and of course we strongly recommend that chaperones always stay with their students.
  5. The hotel phone number is on your itinerary. Please be sure that all the parents have a copy so they can reach their child if they need to do so.
  6. Long distance phone calls and pay T.V. are turned off. Phones in the rooms will Hotelalso have the long distance dialing capabilities turned off. At the discretion of the group sponsor, the telephones for certain rooms can be turned on. However, a credit card will need to be provided in order to do so. Parents may want to consider sending a phone card along with their child for calls home.
  7. Hotel curfews are set by the teachers. We recommend 11:00pm as curfew since we try to get an early start in the mornings. Most hotels will insist on 11:00pm curfew and quiet in order to ensure the comfort and well being of their other guests.
  8. If we have provided security for your group, the guard will meet the group sponsor to find out what rules are set for the group and how they are to be enforced.
  9. Have a safe and enjoyable trip!