ETC can provide security each night at hotels in your destination city. We want you to have a good night’s sleep without worrying about your students. In order for security to have the maximum effect, we ask that you inform your students about the security before the trip.

Some things to mention are:

  1. Curfew will be at 11:00pm (if arrival is after 11:00pm, curfew will be 30 minutes after arrival time.)
  2. A security guard(s) will patrol the halls from 11:00pm on throughout the night (included on gold and platinum trips – optional on silver trips).
  3. If requested, all the student doors can be “taped” each night at curfew time. If the tape has been moved/removed (for any reason), all students in that room will be disciplined as is deemed appropriate by the teacher.
  4. Curfew means quiet time. Televisions and voices should be kept down to a minimum. If a teacher deems curfew means lights out and no talking (that is her/his prerogative). There are other guests at the hotel sleeping. Behavior which may be considered inappropriate may necessitate a phone call to the parents and could possibly warrant expulsion from trip. (See participant application)

Upon arrival and after check-in at hotel we ask that you “touch base” with your private security guard(s). They will come on duty at 11:00pm. (They will also be briefed on searching you out as well). Be sure and tell him if you made any last minute room switches. He/she is to report to you if there are any room problems during the night. Under no circumstances is the security guard to enter a student room without a teacher or chaperone. At the end of his/her shift the guard will leave a report of any activity that took place during the night. (The guard will not wake you for minor occurrences, only those that would need your input). Any fine tuning with this arrangement can be made by you, the tour escort and the security guard on the next evening before curfew begins.

We feel by following these simple guidelines and informing your students of them, you can have “peace of mind” when you go to sleep each evening and be wide awake the next day to enjoy your tours/attractions. Our whole intent is to make your trip as worry-free as possible. If you feel some of the above action is too stringent for your group, please feel free to call us and we can modify the rules for your group.

If you have any questions, please call our office and ask to speak to your sales representative.