Revolutionary War Tour

For students studying the Revolutionary War, visiting battle sites and learning about historic figures better informs and enlivens the imagination. A greater understanding of the Revolutionary War is gained when it is viewed on several different battlefronts. Considering proximity and travel time, these student tours have been divided into Northeast and Mid-Atlantic tours. If teachers wish to visit Charleston, South Carolina, a separate tour can be created with this colonial city as starting point.


Northeast Revolutionary War Tour

The story of the American Revolution begins in the 1770s, as the population of settlers is beset with higher and higher taxes put upon them by the British Empire. Rebellion against these taxes started the birth of a new country. The fledgling nation would have uneasy beginnings. The first ‘shot heard ‘round the world’ occurred in Concord, Massachusetts on April 19, 1775, when American Patriots killed British soldiers in a skirmish and the redcoats retreated. In addition to seeing Lexington and Concord, student travel groups can visit Saratoga, New York and Boston, Massachusetts. They will learn more about Revolutionary War battles and historical figures in the fight for Freedom, like Paul Revere and traitor Benedict Arnold. The Northeast Revolutionary War Tour will encompass these battlefields.


Mid Atlantic Revolutionary War Tour

From Charleston, the Revolutionary War spread across South and North Carolina, while Tory troops faced guerrilla warfare in the backcountry. Other places the war invaded include battlefields in Williamsburg and Yorktown Virginia, Brandywine, Valley Forge, Philadelphia, and Washington’s Crossing, Pennsylvania as well as Baltimore, Maryland, Trenton, New Jersey and New York City. It’s recommended that student trips are based in Washington D.C. or Philadelphia for the Mid Atlantic tour.


Enjoy Your Revolutionary War Tour

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