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Broadway Musicals in New York City that Appeal to Student Travel Groups

Student groups traveling to New York City this fall or upcoming spring will want to be booked for a fun and entertaining evening on Broadway. I have scheduled many different types of tours (art tour, educational travel, history, music festival) to New York City. I will make some recommendations for Broadway Shows that are appropriate for high school age groups. These shows are popular choices among student travel groups, and are sure to please and captivate all.

Instead of Dorothy and her dog, the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good witch are featured in this Broadway rendition of a rewrite of The Wizard of Oz. Gregory Maguire wrote the novel Wicked, which tells the tale of Oz from a different perspective – that of the witches — not Dorothy and Toto. Even the Wizard of Oz is a bit offbeat and differs from the way he is depicted in the movie. Students love this drama, which includes some special effects that are sure to dazzle.

Lion King
Centered around the story of Simba, a young lion prince, this Disney classic will enthrall student audiences. The story is one of youth, loss, reckoning with the past and destiny. Simba flees his homeland after the murder of his father by Scar, his uncle. On the road he meets funny, loving companions who start him on a new path in life. Then he is called back to African Pride Lands to assume his role as king, and challenge the evil uncle who took his father’s life. The Lion King score has a powerful African style drumbeat as well a popular tune composed by Elton John and Tim Rice, “Can You Feel the Love Tonight.” Students will want to book early for this popular show, which is usually sold out well in advance.

Phantom of the Opera
The Phantom of the Opera is a story and a soundtrack known across the world. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s highly acclaimed inspirational music weaves the love story together. The Phantom is based on the actual story of a man who lived beneath the Paris Opera House when it was first built. The fictional storyline centers on an obsessed and secretive composer who is in love with Christina, a new opera star. The musical is filled with acts of love and betrayal. The stage set-up for The Phantom of the Opera allows for surprise entrances and solos for the Phantom, who also ‘haunts’ the opera house in surprising ways. This Broadway classic is sure to delight student audiences.

Mama Mia
Featuring the music of Abba, this Broadway show is an upbeat performance that will put students in that 70s mood. Dancing in the aisles is not unusual for this event, which encourages singing along too. Mama Mia is energetic and an excellent choice for high school student travel groups. It’s not recommended for younger groups since the plot hinges on the discovery of the real father of Sophie, and involves a closer look at her mother’s past and Sophie’s true paternity. Mama Mia is a wonderful choice for high school students traveling to New York City.

Shrek the Musical
Shrek is a fairytale adventure of a fantasy creature and his friends, Donkey and Princess Fiona, and his nemesis, Lord Farquaad. Shrek was a feared monster that lived in an isolated swamp. Then one day a fairytale group of people emerged into the woods after being evicted from their homes, and spoke of their anger towards Lord Farquaad. Shrek agreed to help them get their homes back and he agreed to the rescue of Princess Fiona eventually, too. The beast falls for the beauty in this Broadway musical. Shrek is always a surefire winning choice for students, who love the costuming and setting as well as the story.

This short list of Broadway musicals is not intended to be comprehensive. But, it will serve a high school group travel coordinator well as a choice of Broadway musicals students tend to prefer.

Any student travel group headed to New York City next spring needs to book now in order to obtain seating at a Broadway musical on desired travel dates. Email info@educationaltravelconsultants.com or Request a Quote.

In Search of the Ultimate NYC Cheesecake

by Howard Clemens

Student travel groups headed to Broadway in NYC’s theater district do not want to miss the opportunity to sample some of New York City’s finest cheesecake after dinner. The cheesecake slices are so gigantic, that it is virtually impossible for one person to consume an entire slice in one sitting. Many students simply save their huge piece of cheesecake for a snack after the theater or eat it slowly over the course of a day or so. A slice of cheesecake is a surefire way to get the real New York City experience, when it comes to food.
Larger Cheesecake Portions in New York City
I’ve noticed over the years that portions of food served in New York are larger than other destinations– much larger. When Educational Travel Consultants conducts student tours of New York City, we always recommend a true, New York City delicatessen experience. For the ultimate cheesecake, I have a few recommendations that seem to please student travel groups immensely. These famous New York City delis are conveniently located right in Midtown Manhattan, in the heart of the theater district.
The Stage Deli: The Classic New York City Cheesecake Experience
The Stage Deli is not only famous for its one pound corned beef sandwich — but also some of the best cheesecake in Manhattan. The price is around $8. Expect the slices to be immense. This piece of cheesecake is really more like ¼ of an entire cake. Students have lots of comments about the Stage Deli cheesecake. “Monstrous mammoth size helpings,” is one comment. “I couldn’t eat it all,” is another common refrain.
The Blackout Cake as an Alternative to Cheesecake
If students are not particularly fond of cheesecake, they may opt for another popular favorite, the Blackout cake. This cake is made of rich chocolate. Pieces are huge, and similar in size to the cheesecake. Like the name implies, there could be some danger of ‘chocolate blackout’ — so proceed with caution. Finding a friend to share a slice of Blackout cake is one solution.
Try Carnegie Deli for a Wide Selection of Cheesecakes
Carnegie Deli is another famous place for New York City cheesecake. Slices of cheesecake here are just as enormous as The Stage Deli. The Carnegie Deli has the widest selection of types of cheesecake available. Visitors can choose pudding, strawberry, blueberry, Oreo cheesecake and more. The wide selection of cheesecakes is part of the appeal of Carnegie Deli that rivals the old Howard Johnson’s in their ice cream selections.
Other Great NYC Delis Where Cheesecake can be found
There are other great delis in New York City that serve some amazing cheesecake and they should not be overlooked. Lindy’s Deli and Junior’s Deli are just as excellent and if they are nearby the theater where the student travel group is due to see a show, these establishments should be considered. I don’t have time to review all of the great cheesecake places in New York City on this blog, but rest assured there are many. I decided to highlight some of my personal favorites that I have enjoyed over the years.
For student travel groups that are on their way to the Big Apple as their destination, don’t forget to include cheesecake and the New York deli experience on the itinerary. The deli dinner works best with a visit to Broadway, but it’s not necessary to include a visit to the theater if there is not sufficient time. Some advice for students that may be unused to the huge portions of food provided in New York: go on a diet before taking the trip. For more information about a travel itinerary for a student group destined for New York City, fill out a brief questionnaire and an educational travel professional will contact you.