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A Senior Class Trip to Washington D.C. with Some Fun Sprinkled On Top

by Howard Clemens

For high school seniors, two events define their final year: the senior class trip and the prom. Spring is the time to celebrate senior year together by taking one last trip as a class. For those student trips looking for excitement and world class entertainment, a trip in and around the Washington D.C. may be in order. Here are some ideas on what to include on an itinerary for a senior class trip that will be unforgettable.

A Day at the Beach: Ocean City Maryland
What better way is there to spend at least one day on the senior class trip then at the beach relaxing, sunning and enjoying the surf. Ocean City, Maryland is just a short bus ride from Washington D.C. and provides one of the widest beaches and largest boardwalks on the East Coast. Students can spend some time on the beach, then head for the boardwalk to visit arcades, amusement parks, and shop for souvenirs.

Go to the Game: See the Washington Wizards and Washington Capitols in the Spring or the Baltimore Orioles in Summer or Fall

Many students who visit from different areas of the United States do not live in towns or cities where there are major league baseball, hockey or football teams. A visit to the Washington D.C. area is the perfect opportunity to have a night out at the ballgame. Baltimore Orioles or Washington Nationals are an introduction to the major leagues for many students. In the early spring, student trips can see the Washington Wizards play basketball or the Washington Nationals play professional hockey. Whatever the student group leader’s preference for the choice of game, attendance is bound to be a great experience.

Spend the day at Six Flags America Theme Park

Just a half hour from downtown Washington D.C. is a student favorite: the Six Flags America Theme Park. There are serious roller coasters and other thrilling rides as well as a water park. Entertainment includes live music and performances all day long and into the evening. Student groups can enjoy a diverse choice of food, shopping, and games when they take a break from rides.

Dance the Night Away on a Spirit D.J. Dinner Dance Cruise on the Potomac River
Washington D.C. Spirit Cruises has a special event that appeals to young audiences: they host some of the best DJs in Washington D.C. for the evening. Students will definitely remember the Dinner Dance Cruise on the Potomac River. They will have a Grande Buffet Dinner and enjoy a three-hour cruise of Washington harbor with panoramic views of the city, including some of the monuments.

Take in a Show: Medieval Times Dinner Show or a Broadway Dinner Show
Students trips that journey a short distance into Maryland will be intrigued by the Medieval Times Dinner Show, which includes a jousting tournament with knights in armor who also fight with swords as entertainment. A four-course meal is served during the tournament. If the group is not in the mood for a medieval tournament, then perhaps a Broadway Dinner Show would be in order. The Broadway shows that make it to Washington D.C. are on par with those performed regularly in Manhattan. Many of the most popular Broadway musicals, such as Wicked and High School Musical have been performed in the area.

For a senior class trip, the choices for entertainment in and around the Washington D.C. area are interesting, fun, and memorable. Washington D.C. is more than the nation’s capital; it is also a diverse, large urban area with many different choices for dining and entertainment. Remember to book a senior class trip to Washington D.C. with a qualified educational travel consultant.

Student Travel Recommendations for the Presidential Inauguration in Washington D.C.

The excitement is building for the Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama in Washington D.C. For student tour groups that are traveling to Washington D.C. for the presidential inauguration there are specific rules which must be followed for this event. Security for our new president is a top concern among the intelligence and crime fighting community. Not only do these professionals have to do their part, but each American that attends this event will have to observe the rules to ensure greater security for all.

It is predicted there will be over two million people attending, so the lines are going to be long. Security checkpoints will be common and unauthorized belongings will be confiscated. Avoid losing your property and prepare appropriately.

Following are some requirements for inauguration day. Please read this list carefully if you are attending.

1 Please do not let your group carry baggage of any kind, no umbrellas, coolers, strollers, canes, chairs, knives, thermoses, signs, posters, backpacks, packages, bags exceeding 8″x6″x4″ or anything that might trigger security concerns. There are no childcare facilities. All attendees will be subject to security checkpoints and if you have any items not allowed, they will be confiscated.

2 There will be around 10,000 motor coaches transporting groups into Washington D.C. The coaches will not be able to get the groups in close, so I advise you to wear very comfortable walking shoes as student tour groups will most likely be walking long distances (up to 2/1/2 miles) and standing for several hours. The coaches will be parking at RFK Stadium or elsewhere along the route and either taking a shuttle, metro or walking to the Mall area.

3 Dress warmly in layers and wear a raincoat, as umbrellas will not be allowed. It can typically be a rainy or damp 37 degree day on Inauguration Day in Washington D.C. which is in the full throes of winter. So, dress appropriately.

4 Student travel groups may have other activities scheduled for the Presidential Inauguration day. In that case, don’t be surprised if they have to be canceled. It will take much longer than usual to get to the Mall and departing will take a significant amount of time also. A tour escort will be in charge of your trip and can guide you around that day. Be patient with your guide, do everything that he or she asks of you, and be prepared to spend a lot of time waiting. You are very fortunate to be attending this inaugural event and our advice is to just go with the flow and enjoy the celebration.

5 Plan to eat early and get on your way to the Inaugural event. An early breakfast at 6:00 or 7:00 a.m. will allow student tour groups to get to the Mall to be in line for the security checks starting at 9:00 a.m.

6 If all goes as planned, student tour groups will be inside the Mall area for the Inauguration event on time. Many student tour companies will not be able to guarantee arrival on time. The parade is not scheduled till 2:00 p.m. or 2:30 p.m. Groups will depart for a motorcoach as soon as the parade is over.

Please visit http://inaugural.senate.gov/2009/ and click on the Key Topics on the right hand side of the webpage or http://inauguration.dc.gov/spectator_info.asp for more updated information.

Student travel groups and others are looking forward to the Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama in Washington D.C. They are excited about witnessing history. Take care and follow instructions carefully in order to truly maximize enjoyment of this student trip. Be aware of surroundings and do not carry disallowed possessions so they will not be lost at checkpoints. Remember to leave items not allowed on the bus or in the hotel room. Student travel companies, tour guides, teachers, students and parents main concern is that everything goes smoothly and that students are secure. Be flexible and most of all have fun!

Educational Travel Consultants: Defining Excellence in Student Travel

There are many factors that go into making a student travel company a success. Perhaps one of the most important is the guiding principles behind the company must be in sync with educational objectives. Many of the professionals who work for Educational Travel Consultants have a background in education. They bring this outlook to their work in student travel, as well as a passion for working with student groups.

Washington D.C., New York City, Orlando and More
In our various markets, large and small (including Washington D.C., New York City, Orlando Florida, and more) we recruit and retain only the most qualified tour escorts. In fact, we work exclusively with members of the International Tour Management Group (ITMI) to make certain we only work with the best tour escorts available. This ensures the quality of educational and historical information on the student tour. Our tour guides are also very familiar with the cities they work within, which adds a great deal of insight to the tour. Some even choose to further their education and study by becoming licensed in the Washington D.C. or New York City tour market(s).

Educational Travel Consultants Provides Tour Escorts at All Times
Unlike other student travel companies, at ETC we believe student groups should be accompanied by professional tour escorts at all times. When groups are not in the midst of a tour led by a guide, they are overseen by a tour escort who can answer any questions they may have or resolve problems that may arise.

The Best Buy in Student Travel
For student travel groups and schools looking to economize on their travels, we believe we provide the best possible prices with the most quality. All taxes and tips are included in our final per person price. This means less out of pocket expenses while touring. For every 10 students, one chaperone or teacher may travel free of charge (double occupancy). This bonus is not offered by other student travel companies and helps schools to stay on budget.

3 Diamond Hotel Accommodations for Student Groups
Safety and security are our number one priority on student trips. Our hotel accommodations are always 3 diamond rated, which means there are interior corridors to ensure student safety. The security guards provided by ETC on student travel trips give adults peace of mind and everyone receives a good night’s sleep.

Keeping on Top of Trends in Student Travel

Finally, we research popular trends in student travel, and provide exciting dining and entertainment opportunities on tours. Our student groups eat at the Hard Rock Café, or old historic taverns where living history actors perform after supper. In New York City, student groups see popular Broadway shows like “High School Musical” and “Wicked” and in the Washington D.C. area, the Mystery Dinner Theaters are popular choices. We select memorable experiences so students and adults may relax and enjoy the educational experience, and cherish it for many years to come.

Specialty Student Travel Tours of New York City With Artistic Highlights

Creating a specialty tour for student groups interested in an arts career can include tours of popular specialized colleges such as Parsons New School of Design.
The Emmy nominated competition reality series, Project Runway, takes place at this Manhattan school of fashion design. Noted designer Tim Gunn and supermodel Heidi Klumm host Project Runway.

Another learning institution dedicated to the arts is The Ailey School of dance, created by dancer Alvin Ailey, also in Manhattan. The Ailey School is a student favorite, mainly because of the interactive dance workshop available to student tour groups.

Parsons New School for Design
The Parsons New School for Design was founded in 1896 as the Chase School. It was renamed as Parsons New School for Design in 1939 after the late former president of the school, Frank Alvah Parsons.

Parsons New School of Design’s founding faculty were concerned with the practical use of design in everyday life. This included the spaces people lived in, the clothing they wore, the advertising and media they were exposed to regularly, and the furniture and tableware they used.

A modern curriculum developed at the Parsons New School of design and many successful designers remained closely tied to the school. By the middle of the 1960s Parsons had become “the training ground for Seventh Avenue.”

A majority of the Parsons faculty are professional designers who teach part-time. This gives Parsons students a decided advantage. Because Parsons’ students are taught by New York’s successful working artists and designers, they may have greater insight into the world of contemporary fashion.

Parsons’ main campus is in an historic neighborhood in Greenwich Village. Student tour groups who visit Parsons will also tour the Village that is home to design and art studios, galleries, shops and restaurants, as well as avant garde artists, musicians and writers.
A student tour of this facility must be guided by a representative of the school for security reasons and must be scheduled well in advance to ensure accommodations. Village Campus and Fashion Campus tours are offered regularly, from September through December.

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
Another popular stop on the itinerary for student travel to New York City is the Alvin Aily American Dance Theater. In 1969, Alvin Ailey founded the Alvin Ailey American Dance Center in Brooklyn, New York with an initial enrollment of 125 students. Ailey joined forces with Pearl Lang in 1970 to establish the American Dance Center in Manhattan. They believed that dance should be available to everyone.

Students from the Ailey school have gone on to successful performing arts careers in theater productions such as The Lion King, The King and I, The Color Purple, Movin’ Out and the Radio City Rockettes. Other graduates of the dance school are teachers, choreographers, administrators and life-long supporters of dance. The Ailey School is now located at 405 West 55th Street in Manhattan. Students will tour a portion of the 77,000 square foot building. They will see a professionally equipped dance studio and the main performance space for Ailey school, a 294- seat Ailey Citigroup Theater. Student tour groups may also visit the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Boutique and library as part of the tour. Located in New York City’s theater district, the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater is easily accessible to student travel groups touring Broadway and Times Square.

On a student travel tour of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, students will learn the history of Alvin Ailey, the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and Judith Jamison, its Artistic Director. Tours are available on Mondays at 1:30pm and Fridays at 12:00 noon. Reservations must be made well in advance by a student travel consultant.

Students taking an art tour or performance tour of New York City may be most interested in a tour of Parson’s New School for Design or the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Yet these destinations can also be added to the itinerary of a history tour of New York City, or tours of other types. Visit http://www.educationaltravelconsultants.com/destination/subject/art_nyc.htm

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