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Broadway Musicals in New York City that Appeal to Student Travel Groups

Student groups traveling to New York City this fall or upcoming spring will want to be booked for a fun and entertaining evening on Broadway. I have scheduled many different types of tours (art tour, educational travel, history, music festival) to New York City. I will make some recommendations for Broadway Shows that are appropriate for high school age groups. These shows are popular choices among student travel groups, and are sure to please and captivate all.

Instead of Dorothy and her dog, the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good witch are featured in this Broadway rendition of a rewrite of The Wizard of Oz. Gregory Maguire wrote the novel Wicked, which tells the tale of Oz from a different perspective – that of the witches — not Dorothy and Toto. Even the Wizard of Oz is a bit offbeat and differs from the way he is depicted in the movie. Students love this drama, which includes some special effects that are sure to dazzle.

Lion King
Centered around the story of Simba, a young lion prince, this Disney classic will enthrall student audiences. The story is one of youth, loss, reckoning with the past and destiny. Simba flees his homeland after the murder of his father by Scar, his uncle. On the road he meets funny, loving companions who start him on a new path in life. Then he is called back to African Pride Lands to assume his role as king, and challenge the evil uncle who took his father’s life. The Lion King score has a powerful African style drumbeat as well a popular tune composed by Elton John and Tim Rice, “Can You Feel the Love Tonight.” Students will want to book early for this popular show, which is usually sold out well in advance.

Phantom of the Opera
The Phantom of the Opera is a story and a soundtrack known across the world. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s highly acclaimed inspirational music weaves the love story together. The Phantom is based on the actual story of a man who lived beneath the Paris Opera House when it was first built. The fictional storyline centers on an obsessed and secretive composer who is in love with Christina, a new opera star. The musical is filled with acts of love and betrayal. The stage set-up for The Phantom of the Opera allows for surprise entrances and solos for the Phantom, who also ‘haunts’ the opera house in surprising ways. This Broadway classic is sure to delight student audiences.

Mama Mia
Featuring the music of Abba, this Broadway show is an upbeat performance that will put students in that 70s mood. Dancing in the aisles is not unusual for this event, which encourages singing along too. Mama Mia is energetic and an excellent choice for high school student travel groups. It’s not recommended for younger groups since the plot hinges on the discovery of the real father of Sophie, and involves a closer look at her mother’s past and Sophie’s true paternity. Mama Mia is a wonderful choice for high school students traveling to New York City.

Shrek the Musical
Shrek is a fairytale adventure of a fantasy creature and his friends, Donkey and Princess Fiona, and his nemesis, Lord Farquaad. Shrek was a feared monster that lived in an isolated swamp. Then one day a fairytale group of people emerged into the woods after being evicted from their homes, and spoke of their anger towards Lord Farquaad. Shrek agreed to help them get their homes back and he agreed to the rescue of Princess Fiona eventually, too. The beast falls for the beauty in this Broadway musical. Shrek is always a surefire winning choice for students, who love the costuming and setting as well as the story.

This short list of Broadway musicals is not intended to be comprehensive. But, it will serve a high school group travel coordinator well as a choice of Broadway musicals students tend to prefer.

Any student travel group headed to New York City next spring needs to book now in order to obtain seating at a Broadway musical on desired travel dates. Email info@educationaltravelconsultants.com or Request a Quote.

Celebrate Graduating Seniors in Style: Plan the Ultimate Senior Class Trip to New York City

Educational Student Tours to NYC Designed for Senior Class Enjoyment

A senior class trip can be one of a student’s most memorable high school experiences and is often the first time many teens have been on their own with their friends. It is a taste of adulthood most seniors savor. Unlike other educational field trips and student travel tours, a senior class trip is really about bonding and celebration. New York City is a popular senior class trip destination because of the city’s history, size and limitless options for entertainment, arts and culture. The metropolitan areas around NYC are rich with museums, sports events, concerts, theaters, festivals, parks, shopping and history. These places are perfect for day trips while on a senior class adventure.

Recommended Destinations to Explore on a Senior Class Trip to NYC

Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey

Six Flags Great Adventure is a popular destination for senior class trips. A quick ride from New York City to Jackson, New Jersey, students will enjoy a variety of educational presentations, as well as the thrill of the area’s best amusement park rides. Students can book guided, educational Safari tours of a 350-acre wildlife preserve, home to over 1,200 exotic animals from 6 continents. Brown bears, giraffes, elephants, rhinoceros, lions and kangaroos are just a few of the animals currently living there. Physics, Math and Science days are also organized each year. Concerts featuring performers such as Raven Symone, Lee Ann Rimes and Flo Rida are planned for the summer. Seniors will have great fun on Great Adventure’s most popular amusement park rides including the Dark Knight Coaster, Superman: Ultimate Flight and Batman the Ride.

The Medieval Times Dinner Show in Lyndhurst, New Jersey

The Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament first started in Majorca, Spain in 1973 and since then has delighted audiences across North America. Medieval Times is dedicated to serving delicious food and providing exceptional entertainment. Special attention is paid to the accuracy of all weapons, costumes, equestrian skills and storylines. Medieval Times has castles in New Jersey, Florida, California, Illinois, Texas, Toronto (Ontario), South Carolina, Maryland and Georgia. Diners are seated in areas named after the regions of medieval Spain and encouraged to cheer for the knight representing their region during the tournaments. This is an unforgettable experience, perfect for any senior class trip.

Dinner at Mars 2112: Make Your Senior Class Trip Out of this World!

If you want to have a dinner on your senior class trip that is out of this world Mars 2112 Restaurant is an excellent choice. Mars 2112 is a space themed restaurant sci-fi fans will love. It is located in the heart of Times Square and combines the fantasy and reality of space to spark the imagination. A truly unique dining experience, the 35,000 square foot space includes a view of the Martian sky and a 300 square foot window looking out onto the Martian landscape

Sports Events: Plan to See the New York Yankees, Mets, Knicks, Jets or Rangers on a NYC Senior Class Trip

In New York City student tours and field trips have the opportunity to see a variety of well-known sports teams. This kind of event can be the perfect outing for a high school senior trip. Visit the incredible Yankees Stadium or go to the Citi Field to see the NY Mets. If major league baseball isn’t a favorite then plan to see the New York Knicks play basketball, the NY Rangers play hockey or the New York Jets play football. The Knicks offer basketball clinics and camps for youth that are a great addition to any senior class trip. The NY Jets have plans in 2010 to open a new Jets Stadium, a permanent home for the football team. The NY Rangers also run the Junior Rangers Program and youth hockey camps for students.

See New York City in a Different Light on a Spirit Dinner & Dance Cruise

You are only a high school senior once; that is why senior class trips are so important to students across the country. For many students it is the last trip they will take with high school friends before college begins. One way to make a high school senior trip spectacular is to plan a Cruise around Manhattan. Dinner is provided and dancing encouraged. Cruises can be booked during the day or in the evening, but sunset cruises are the most popular. As you circle Manhattan you will also have an amazing vantage point from which to see historic landmarks of New York City such as: the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge, the World Trade Center site, South Street Seaport, Governor’s Island, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

Senior class trips should be an extraordinary moment in time, a rite of passage, an acknowledgement of all the students have accomplished and what they will go on to achieve in the future. Make the experience unforgettable when you plan a high school senior trip to New York City. Email info@educationaltravelconsultants.com or Request a Quote today.

The Art of the Possible: Explore the Magic of Broadway on a New York City Student Tour

by Howard Clemens
American history includes many great stories. Every metropolitan city across the country has its own rich history and contributions to society. One of the great cultural contributions made by New York City is the creative tradition of Broadway. Since Broadway’s humble beginnings in 1900 it has been a hotbed for music, humor, art and excitement that inspires and touches the hearts and minds of people across the country. Any school or organization planning a field trip or student travel tour should consider making a visit to New York City for a performance tour of Broadway, an integral piece of America’s artistic and musical past.

Educational Student Tours on Broadway: Experience a Century Old Tradition of American Performance
In the beginning, over one hundred years ago, Broadway consisted of a simple, charming theater district that originated on 13th Street. Theaters like the Star Theater, New York Theater, Madison Square Theater and Broadway Theater provided audiences with music, excitement, romance and sometimes scandal. It was during Broadway’s very start that an emotional connection was made between the theaters and their patrons and this relationship has been passed down through generations. Since the turn of the century Broadway has survived success in the 2000’s, depression in the 30’s,conservatism in the 40’s and 50’s, and wild freedom in the 60’s and 70’s.

Plan a NYC Field Trip to a Modern Cultural Phenomenon
Today, Broadway is a beloved part of any New York City student trip, especially for high school musical tours and performing arts student trips. The musicals and plays found in Broadway theaters attract national and international visitors every year. According to The Stage News during the 2005-2006 seasons over twelve million people purchased Broadway tickets. Broadway has become a cultural phenomenon people of all ages can enjoy.

Add These Broadway Shows to Your New York City Student Tour Itinerary
The Broadway experience requires all theatergoers to make a choice about which show to see. Sometimes the choice is difficult but every musical and play offers the audience its own rewards. Here are some suggestions to get you started. Also consider including a Broadway Classroom workshop during your NYC student tour for student trips highlighting the music, performance, and stage industries.

Jersey Boys
Jersey Boys is a musical based on the story of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, one of the few American bands to survive during the 1960’s British Invasion. Showing at the August Wilson Theatre on 245 West 52nd Street, Jersey Boys tells the story of the singers and songwriters responsible for songs like “Big Girls Don’t Cry” and “Walk Like a Man.” Directed by Des Manful, Jersey Boys was the third highest ticket selling musical for 2007 in the category of Top New York Theater based on a report by TicketNews.com.

Based on the hilarious John Waters film of the same name released in 1988, Hairspray is the winner of eight Tony Awards including: Best Musical, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Original Score, Best Director and Best Costume Design. Directed by Jack O’Brien and choreographed by Jerry Mitchell, Hairspray is set in Baltimore, Maryland and highlights the universal teen themes of peer pressure, body image, popularity and self-individuation with humor and great music. This musical performance is fun and a wonderful experience for any educational travel tour.

Mama Mia!
Owen Lieberman of Entertainment Weekly reported that Mamma Mia! is, “Perhaps the single most ecstatic musical to open on Broadway since A Chorus Line. Mamma Mia! Leaves you uplifted, enraptured and feeling like number one!” It’s not surprising since this musical features the upbeat, electrifying songs of ABBA. Directed by Payload Lloyd, written by Catherine Johnson and produced by Judy Cramer and Richard East, Mamma Mia has been called “a global smash hit.” Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus, the founding members of ABBA are also part of the creative team. The story, a funny tale of a daughter’s quest to discover the identity of her father on the eve of her wedding, has captured the hearts of millions.

Young Frankenstein
Like Jersey Boys, The New Mel Brooks Musical Young Frankenstein was one of the top grossing musicals in 2007. Ranked at number seven, Young Frankenstein achieved this success just six weeks after the show’s official opening according to TicketNews.com. Ben Brantley at the New York Times stated, “A high density of talent, the hardest-working supersize ensemble and the largest number of gags per scene.” Directed by Susan Stroman and produced, composed and lyrically written by Mel Brooks, Young Frankenstein shows at the Hilton Theatre at 213 West 42nd Street.

For more information about the performance tour, art tour, or standard tour of New York City, follow the links to the page.

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New York City: Preparing Student Travel Groups for Security Checks

In the post 911 era, many things have changed, due to extra security concerns. Some of the sensitive student travel destinations in the New York City area are potential targets because they are symbols of the United States. These include The Statue of Liberty, the United Nations building, and the Empire State Building. There are other buildings that may also be potential targets in the New York City area. I focus on these three because they are the main three sites that most student travel tours want to visit.

For this article, I have interviewed Karen Goodman, a licensed New York City tour guide who works closely with my company, Educational Travel Consultants. Her knowledge of New York City is extensive. I interviewed her on the topic of how student travel groups may prepare to enter New York City sites.

Q. What advice would you give to student travel groups headed to the Statue of Liberty, the United Nations Building, or the Empire State Building?
A. Always travel as light as you can. When you move along the security line, it’s best not to be singled out, because it takes more time to pass through.

Q. What are some of the items related to tourism and education,that you are permitted to take into these buildings?
A. Visitors can bring ipods and cameras with them, but they must be placed in the basket as they pass through security.

Q. Can you explain the security process at the Statue of Liberty?

A. Yes. All student travel groups pass through security tents before they board the ferry boat. Metal detectors are under these tents. All electronics, including watches, ipods or cameras, go through the metal detector in a basket.

Q. Does this security process at the Statue of Liberty take a little more time?

Yes. Similar to planning a little more time at the airport, student travel groups need to leave some space in the itinerary for the day to allow for passing through security, especially if they are a large group.

Q. Is there anything that student travelers to New York City should try to avoid bringing?
A. Sometimes a student will inadvertently bring a pocket knife. Usually, these are confiscated by security, and they are not returned. It’s best not to bring this sort of thing at all.

Q. Are the tents near the ferry in Battery Park the only security checkpoints for the Statue of Liberty?
A. For now, yes. Once student travel groups board the ferry, the security check is completed.

Q. Does the United Nations have a similar security checkpoint in place?

A. The United Nations has metal detectors that student travel groups must pass through as well. The same rules as the Statue of Liberty apply.

Q. What is security like in the Empire State Building?

A. Since it is an historic building that signifies many things, the security is similar in scope to Statue of Liberty and the United Nations building. Around the escalator area, there are security checkpoints with metal detectors in place. Students should be prepared for similar regulations when visiting the Statue of Liberty and the United Nations building.

Q. Do you have any additional tips for student travel groups headed to the New York City area?
A. Yes, some buildings, such as museums, will have guards that request a look inside a handbag or backpack. Student groups should be prepared to open their bags, if asked. In some buildings, a backpack must be checked at the door. So, if a student is traveling and he or she has a choice about leaving a backpack, it would be a good idea to leave it on the charter bus.

Q. Do you have any concluding thoughts about leading student travel tours in the New York City area, in a post 911 era?
A. I think that most people are aware at this point, that we have extra security regulations to consider when we travel. They set up the tents just six months after September 11th near the ferries to the Statue of Liberty. And it’s been many years now travelers have had to prepare for extra security. This precaution has to be done. Even though it may be time consuming, security is important.

With that being said, be aware of the metal detectors, and prepare for them accordingly.

Student travel groups on tour in New York City need to go light and leave the extra baggage behind. Make the most of a student travel tour to New York City, by planning extra time in the itinerary for security checkpoints at major sites. The security procedures at the Statue of Liberty, the United Nations building, and the Empire State Building are subject to change at any time.

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