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Planning an Exciting Band Trip: Educational Student Tours Near Washington DC

In today’s modern world planning student trips everyone will enjoy can be a daunting task. Planning a trip for the high school or junior high band can add even more complexity. Band trips can be designed to have something for everyone. If a student group plans to attend one of Washington D.C.’s most popular festivals, the trip can be designed to suit music and art students. Here are a few suggestions for your next student band trip.

A Band Trip to Washington D.C.: The Annual Cherry Blossom Festival

In 1912 Mayor Yukio Ozaki of Tokyo gave the gift of 3,000 cherry trees to the city of Washington D.C. in honor of the relationship between the United States and Japan. In 1915 the United States returned the sentiment with a gift of flowering dogwoods for the people of Japan. By 1935 the first Cherry Blossom Festival was held and the tradition has continued ever since. Currently over one million people visit Washington DC each year to see the cherry trees in full glory and to enjoy different festival events, which include the annual Cherry Blossom Festival Parade.

The National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade is one of the highlights of the festival each year. Huge parade balloons, musical performers, celebrities, marching bands and more fill Constitution Avenue while TV stations broadcast the parade live. The parade features a wide variety music including:

1. Singers like American Idol finalist (2nd season) Kimberly Locke, Grammy winner Thelma Houston, Disney Radio star Joey Page and Miss America 2009 Katie Stam.
2. Student Performers come from far and wide to play at the festival. Students from the Creative and Performing Arts High School in Philadelphia, the All-Star Tap Team and Youth Choir and marching bands from as far as Elko High School in Nevada make it to the Cherry Blossom Festival Parade.
3. Broadway performances by the cast of Chicago and songs from Mamma Mia! have also been part of the festival and the Broadway tradition will likely continue.

The National Cherry Blossom Festival is the perfect destination for a high school band trip to Washington DC, whether students want to watch on the sidelines or participate in the parade fun. To plan an extra special band trip consider attending the 2012 Cherry Blossom Festival, the centennial anniversary of Japan’s beautiful gift to the nation’s capital. Always plan at least a year or more in advance to schedule band performances in the parade. Be certain to work with a qualified student travel professional that has experience in putting together band trips.

Make Sure to Wear Green on Your Student Trip to the Washington D.C. St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Another great plan for a high school band trip is to attend or participate in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Washington, DC. Started in 1971, the annual St. Pat’s parade is a community endeavor supported by the Irish American Club and city officials. Each year a noteworthy person is chosen as the parade Grand Marshall. A parade theme is announced and the honored title of Gael of the Year is bestowed on a deserving member of the community.

Invitations are sent to marching bands, performers, organizations, floats and groups the parade committee feels are appropriate for the parade celebration. Student band trip itineraries can be created to secure great seating to watch the parade or groups can schedule time to perform in the parade. To learn more about receiving an invitation for your band visit the parade web site at www.dcstpatsparade.com.

A Band Trip to Virginia Students Will Love: The Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival

Each year more than 250,000 visitors descend upon the small town of Winchester, Virginia to enjoy a week of fun activities that comprise the Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival. For student trips headed to Washington D.C. the Apple Blossom Festival is a great addition. Since 1924, the annual festival has grown to include parades, dances, band competitions, floats, a 10K run, music, a carnival, a circus, sporting, events, car shows, craft shows, delicious food and the traditional Apple Blossom Pageant.

High school band trips, student musical tours and student performance trips to Washington D.C. can all be planned around the Apple Blossom Festival. Musically inclined students may enjoy seeing some famous faces. In the past the Apple Blossom Festival has been proud to host celebrities like Fantasia Barrino, Wayne Newton, Sea Astin, Dan Akyroyd, Katie Couric, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Lucille Ball who have served as grand marshals. In 2009 American Idol star Bucky Covington will headline the week’s concerts.

A must see event for band trips and student groups is the Coronation of Queen Shenandoah and the annual Pageant. The coronation ceremony is fashioned after the ceremonies of the British monarchy and the Pageant originally featured a performance by over 1,000 local school children. The annual Pageant has been held on the steps of Handley High School since 1925 and the traditional Royal Command Performance is presented by the Handley Singers.

If you are planning a band trip, student performance tour or a simple group excursion festivals can be an excellent plan whether you are in Washington DC, New York City, Philadelphia or anywhere else in the United States. Email info@educationaltravelconsultants.com or Request a Quote for a student travel company that can help manage all of the details, itineraries and events.

Student Travel in Washington DC is Enhanced by the New U.S. Capitol Visitor Center

Capitol Visitor Center: Washington DC‘s Newest Student Travel Destination

Congressional leaders Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and House Republican Leader John Boehner have announced that December 2, 2008 is the grand opening for the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center in Washington DC. According to VisittheCapitol.com the date is significant because “one hundred and forty-five years ago on December 2, 1863 the final section of Statue of Freedom was placed atop the Capitol to signify the completion of construction of a new dome.”

The Capitol Visitor Center is where all visits to the Capitol begin and visitors both young and old can enjoy an exciting and educational journey. At the Capitol Visitor Center groups and individuals are encouraged to explore the history of Congress and the history of the U.S. Capitol. The Capitol Visitor Center Gift Shops and restaurant make it easy to manage educational, student travel tours.

Tips to Plan a Student Tour of the Capitol

1. Create a Student Travel Tour Itinerary for Each Day

The student tour of the Capitol will take a minimum of two hours. This does not include bathroom breaks, time for dining and time to visit your local members of Congress. If you are planning to visit other parts of the Capitol Complex such as the Library of Congress, United States Botanic Garden or the Supreme Court Building make sure you have sufficient time to explore these historical locations as well. A well thought out and organized student tour itinerary will make the Washington DC experience more exciting, educational and stimulating for the students.

2. Explain Capitol Etiquette and the Behavior Required from Student Travel Groups

Communicate clearly with students that the Capitol is a place where serious governmental business is conducted. All visitors are expected to adhere to the rules and regulations explained at the Capitol Visitor Center and to show respect to Capitol staff and government officials. All visitors, including student tours, are supposed to dress comfortably yet appropriately for a business environment. The historical importance of the Capitol is something all Americans can be proud of and share with others in the future.

3. Ask for Help from the Experts When Booking Student Travel Tours

Student travel planning can be confusing. Not only are you booking hotels, transportation, historical tours, educational events and meals, you are doing it for students. Each student relies on teachers, administrators and department heads to plan exciting and interesting first time experiences. Student travel planning can create a lot of stress and pressure, but you are not alone. There are a variety of tools available for student tours and school groups of all ages. Find a student travel planner or consultant that can help you design the perfect student tour and save you money.

The Educational Mission of the Capitol Visitor Center

As VisittheCapitol.com states, “The Capitol is among the most architecturally impressive and symbolically important buildings in the world. The Senate and the House of Representatives have met here for more than two centuries.” Visitors are moved by the power of the Capitol’s role in both history and future generations. Students and teachers alike will enjoy the Capitol Visitor Center, the Exhibition Hall, the Senate Galleries, the Emancipation Hall and more.

The Capitol Visitor Center has been built to facilitate a learning experience for every visitor. Students especially are encouraged to think critically and analytically when interpreting the beliefs, motives and traditions of the American people throughout history. Students also learn about the House, Senate and American legislative process, as well as the development of architecture and art in the U.S. Capitol. It is a fun and educational addition to the Capitol Complex and the perfect destination for student travel tours.

Educational Student Travel Explores the Study of Nature with Virginia Adventure Eco Tours

Educational student travel is an excellent way to encourage young people to explore the natural world around them. As issues of environmental preservation and conservation become more visible on the world stage, environmental educational field trips and student travel tours have started to focus on flora, fauna, wildlife, ocean ecosystems, conservation and preservation. In the state of Virginia, not far from Washington D.C., adventure eco tours can be planned to a variety of unforgettable regions off the coast, where people of all ages can learn about the power and wonder of nature.

Educational Group Travel to Assateague Island & Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge

On Assateague Island visitors will find sandy beaches, salt marshes, maritime forests and coastal bays. Ranger guided programs make exploring the island simple and fun. Assateague Island National Seashore was created to preserve the natural ecosystem of the Mid-Atlantic coast and encompasses over 48,000 acres of water and land in Virginia and Maryland.

Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge is home to more than 300 species of birds, wildlife and plants. The legendary wild horses and uniqueness of the barrier island provide endless opportunities for natural heritage and environmental education for all ages.

Student Travel on the Open Sea: Whale Watching and Dolphin Tours

Between the winter months of December and March, humpback whales migrate near the coast of Virginia near Virginia Beach. These ocean mammals are most famous for their large size, visible movements and an advanced form of communication-the whale song. Fin whales, the second largest animal on Earth, also migrate near Virginia Beach and are known for their speed. Educational, group whale watching trips can be organized through private companies and the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center.

Students can watch other marine life, including birds, in their natural habitat and view local historic landmarks such as the Cape Henry Lighthouse. Bottlenose dolphins also live along the Virginia Beach coast and are visible between May and October each year. These amazing creatures jump, play and love attention from onlookers. Dolphin cruises can be booked for small and large student tours.

Experience the Magic of Science: Plan and Educational Tour of the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center

The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center is one of the best locations for an environmental, educational field trip. Students and teachers will discover over 300 hands-on exhibits, a nature trail, an outdoor aviary and marshlands. Visitors can also enjoy the 3D IMAX Theater, which features a movie screen 6 stories tall and eight stories wide.

The Bay and Ocean Pavilion takes visitors on a journey through the waters of Virginia and introduces students to native aquatic animals and plants. The Marsh Pavilion is home to snakes, otters and more. The nature trail crosses the marsh and woods. Educational tours of the 30-foot observation tower will guarantee student attention.

Eco Educational Student Tours at the Virginia Living Museum
The Virginia Living Museum is dedicated to making Virginia’s natural heritage come to life. Museum exhibits tell the stories of the animals, plants, marine life and land from the Virginia Mountains to the Coastal Plain. Galleries and exhibits include:

–Virginia’s Piedmont and Mountains Gallery
–James River Exhibit
–Virginia’s World of Darkness gallery
–Virginia’s Underground Gallery
–Appalachian Mountain Cover and Cypress Swamp
–Discovery Centers
–Abbitt Observatory
–Planetarium Theater
–Outdoor Boardwalk
–Coastal Plain Aviary
–The Butterfly Garden

Many changing exhibits are also shown annually at the museum.

Adventure Eco Tours: Discover Animals from Abroad at the Virginia Zoo

According to the Virginia Zoo web site there are nearly 400 animals living on the premises including:
–Grants or Plains Zebra
–African Lion
–Masai Giraffe
–Red River Hog
–Eastern bongo
–White rhino
–Siberian tiger
–Rock hyrax
–White-throated monitor
–Pancake tortoise

The Virginia Zoological Park helps visitors learn about the world’s flora and fauna and is dedicated to excellent treatment of the animals that live there. Education, research and conservation are some of the Virginia Zoo’s top priorities.

Student tours of the Virginia Zoo will also explain the importance of wildlife rehabilitation and the preservation of natural resources. School Discovery Programs are also available and were created to assist teachers. Informal science education programs motivate students through live animal presentations, wildlife adventure activities and even Virginia Zoo overnight stays. The Zoo is often seeing reliable volunteers for help with educational programs and special events.

Taking a student group on an eco-tour of Virginia can occur in one of two ways. The tour can be totally focused on ecological studies and issues and include the above-mentioned sites. Or an eco-tour may include a two or three day visit to Washington D.C. Here students can learn about democracy, visit the major historic sites, and partake in a cultural event, in addition to visiting an eco-tour destination.
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In Search of the Ultimate NYC Cheesecake

by Howard Clemens

Student travel groups headed to Broadway in NYC’s theater district do not want to miss the opportunity to sample some of New York City’s finest cheesecake after dinner. The cheesecake slices are so gigantic, that it is virtually impossible for one person to consume an entire slice in one sitting. Many students simply save their huge piece of cheesecake for a snack after the theater or eat it slowly over the course of a day or so. A slice of cheesecake is a surefire way to get the real New York City experience, when it comes to food.
Larger Cheesecake Portions in New York City
I’ve noticed over the years that portions of food served in New York are larger than other destinations– much larger. When Educational Travel Consultants conducts student tours of New York City, we always recommend a true, New York City delicatessen experience. For the ultimate cheesecake, I have a few recommendations that seem to please student travel groups immensely. These famous New York City delis are conveniently located right in Midtown Manhattan, in the heart of the theater district.
The Stage Deli: The Classic New York City Cheesecake Experience
The Stage Deli is not only famous for its one pound corned beef sandwich — but also some of the best cheesecake in Manhattan. The price is around $8. Expect the slices to be immense. This piece of cheesecake is really more like ¼ of an entire cake. Students have lots of comments about the Stage Deli cheesecake. “Monstrous mammoth size helpings,” is one comment. “I couldn’t eat it all,” is another common refrain.
The Blackout Cake as an Alternative to Cheesecake
If students are not particularly fond of cheesecake, they may opt for another popular favorite, the Blackout cake. This cake is made of rich chocolate. Pieces are huge, and similar in size to the cheesecake. Like the name implies, there could be some danger of ‘chocolate blackout’ — so proceed with caution. Finding a friend to share a slice of Blackout cake is one solution.
Try Carnegie Deli for a Wide Selection of Cheesecakes
Carnegie Deli is another famous place for New York City cheesecake. Slices of cheesecake here are just as enormous as The Stage Deli. The Carnegie Deli has the widest selection of types of cheesecake available. Visitors can choose pudding, strawberry, blueberry, Oreo cheesecake and more. The wide selection of cheesecakes is part of the appeal of Carnegie Deli that rivals the old Howard Johnson’s in their ice cream selections.
Other Great NYC Delis Where Cheesecake can be found
There are other great delis in New York City that serve some amazing cheesecake and they should not be overlooked. Lindy’s Deli and Junior’s Deli are just as excellent and if they are nearby the theater where the student travel group is due to see a show, these establishments should be considered. I don’t have time to review all of the great cheesecake places in New York City on this blog, but rest assured there are many. I decided to highlight some of my personal favorites that I have enjoyed over the years.
For student travel groups that are on their way to the Big Apple as their destination, don’t forget to include cheesecake and the New York deli experience on the itinerary. The deli dinner works best with a visit to Broadway, but it’s not necessary to include a visit to the theater if there is not sufficient time. Some advice for students that may be unused to the huge portions of food provided in New York: go on a diet before taking the trip. For more information about a travel itinerary for a student group destined for New York City, fill out a brief questionnaire and an educational travel professional will contact you.

What the Airlines Don’t Tell You: Be Aware of New Trends in Upcharges and Surcharges

JoAnne Wycoff is an Airline Reservation Specialist for Educational Travel Consultants.
Her duties include quality assurance with student travel group airline purchases. JoAnne makes certain all of the ticketed information is correct. She also handles last minute additions to student travel trips.

Because of the rising cost of fuel, airline ticket prices are increasing. But there are now surcharges and up charges for airline tickets that were not included before. For example, if a traveler wants to purchase a snack, he or she must now pay for it on some airline carriers. If a traveler has to make a name change – meaning transferring the ticket to someone else’s name (not a name correction) there may be as much as a $100 fee to change the name.

JoAnne offers some good advice to anyone about to take a student travel trip or a trip of any kind, “When travelers receive e-ticket information, READ the instructions about going online and reserving a seat or the baggage limit. The E-ticket instructions will give a traveler an indication of baggage charges. If the traveler reads the instructions beforehand, then he or she will not be in for some surprises at the airport.”

Each airline is different. Feel free to telephone the airline and inquire about extra charges. Following is a short list of some of the surcharges and upcharges airlines have added in tough economic times.

Air Travel Check In: The Number of Bags Included in Ticket Price
Most airlines still allow one carry on that can be stowed overhead for no extra charge. A traveler may also carry a purse or a laptop with them. Limit the size of the carry on bag to something that can fit in an overhead stow, usually 55” or less.

Airlines: Additional Charges for Luggage
According to JoAnne, “Another trend is beginning to take hold in air travel. Several months ago one airline began to charge for additional bag checks. This trend may unfortunately continue, as other airlines follow suit.”

For example, Airtran allows travelers one free bag to check and carry on. Additional bag checks for Airtran only cost $10 if done online. If the traveler waits until he or she arrives at the airport the bag check costs $20.00. These rates are all based on standard size and weight luggage. If the bag is 62-80 inches it may incur an oversize baggage charge. Or, if it exceeds 51 pounds there may be overweight baggage charges.

American Airline’s is now charging a $15 fee for the first bag of luggage. This first bag fee is an annoyance to air travelers. Yet it may start a trend in the airline industry for other companies to do the same, mainly because of the higher cost of moving freight.

JoAnne says that this additional baggage charges will apply to both legs of the airplane journey. Although an airline will not add a baggage charge on the connecting flight, they certainly will charge the person flying for departure and return.

Student Travel to Some Markets Incur Extra Fees: Washington D.C., Orlando, NYC

Airplane seats to the most popular student travel destinations, such as Washington D.C., Orlando, or New York City, are easier to sell. Air ticket prices may be extra for student travel groups. The reasoning behind this is profits. Airlines see student travel as a large group that takes numerous seats on a flight. Often, individuals may be able to pay more to fly. Airlines tend to boost the price for group airfare to these markets. Although there is still a savings to buy more tickets, there is less of a savings to buy in bulk in Washington D.C., New York City, and Orlando, Florida.

Surcharge for Airplane Seating
A window seat or seat in the front of the cabin is now subject to an extra charge with most airlines. This extra seating charge may not apply to groups. The airline will make it a priority to seat the group together, though this cannot be guaranteed.

Purchase Student Travel Airline Tickets at the Same Time for Better Prices
When student group travel tickets are purchased they are purchased in large lots. If another person decides to travel with the group after the initial purchase has been made, they will often pay more – especially if the ticket cost increases during this time. Sometimes the price goes down, and the traveler may benefit. Remember to purchase student group travel airline tickets together for the most cost savings.

Paper Tickets vs. Electronic Tickets

Most airlines generate E-tickets to travelers now. If a student travel group or individual is working with an airline that issues E-Tickets and they prefer paper tickets, the airline will usually add a surcharge of $20 for this. Student travel groups should always remember to bring a photo identification along with E-tickets for security.

Everyone is looking to conserve resources in these tough economic times. Just be conscious of the new surcharges, and learn to read all of the information provided by the airlines, even if you must go online to retrieve it. When in doubt, ask questions.

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Touring Chicago With Student Travel Groups

Chicago, Illinois is the third largest city in the United States. It is also a city that is culturally rich and diverse. With its varied architecture, multitude of museums, culinary delights, and its own style of music, Chicago is a smart and fun destination for students groups of all ages and interests.

The Shedd Aquarium
Science and nature students will have fun at the Shedd Aquarium as they explore the 90 unique habitats in the barrel-vaulted galleries of the Waters of the World exhibit. Hundreds of species of fishes, otters, lizards, frogs, turtles and other marine animals are housed in natural habitats that reveal their world above and below the waterline making it a great introduction and overview of life in the waters of the Earth.

The Shedd’s Wild Reef exhibit consists of 20 different habitats and features 500 species, including two dozen sharks, in the largest public display of live coral in the Midwest. The Wild Reef is a living illustration of the importance, diversity and frailty of reefs and is a great learning tool for students of biology, marine biology, and ecology.

The Shedd Aquarium’s other exhibits include Amazon Rising, Caribbean Reef, Oceanarium, and a variety of changing exhibits. And to increase the level of fun and learning, the Shedd Aquarium offers a variety of “Ten Fun Finds” on their website, www.sheddaquarium.org.

See “Sue” at The Field Museum
The Field Museum of Natural History is a must-see stop for any educational travel group. This museum was founded to house the biological and anthropological collections that were assembled for the Columbian Exposition of 1893 and it is still one of the most prestigious natural history museums in the world.

Students visiting the Field Museum will be able to come face-to face with the largest most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil in the world, Sue. And if dinosaurs get your students excited, check out the Field’s Evolving Planet exhibit where visitors can journey through 4 billion years of life on Earth. This Exhibit is packed with unique fossils, large and small, animated videos, interactive displays, dioramas, and more dinosaurs than you can count.

Because the Field Museum offers so many different exhibits and learning opportunities, it is suggested that teachers check out the resources for them on the website, www.fieldmuseum.org, to help plan and organize their visit with a student group.

Hands-On at the Museum of Science and Industry
On the more human side of history, the Museum of Science and Industry is one of the largest science museums in the world. It houses more than 35,000 artifacts and close to 14 acres of hands-on exhibits that will spark a student travel group’s creativity and interest in scientific inquiry. ROTC and JROTC students will enjoy the chance to see the only German U-boat in the country and even go on board it. And after a day of walking, everyone can sit back and enjoy a scientific adventure in the Omnimax Theatre, a five-story wrap-around theatre.

Lincoln Park Zoo – A Living Oasis
The Lincoln Park Zoo, just north of Chicago, is a natural oasis for animal lovers. It is a green world of wildlife in the shadow of skyscrapers where lion’s roar and gorillas climb trees. The Lincoln Park Zoo is a living, breathing classroom, allowing students to learn about today’s natural world in juxtaposition to the world’s fossils they learned about at the Field Museum. The zoo is open 365 days of the year and is always free. The website, www.lpzoo.org offers animal fact sheets and planners for field trips and a perfect afternoon at the zoo with your students.

Entertainment for Student Travel Groups in Chicago

Student travel groups can round out their visit to Chicago with visits to the Navy Pier. This Midwest version of Coney Island, Water Tower Place, features an eight level atrium and over a hundred stores. Do not forget to put high rises on the student travel itinerary. Sears Tower Skydeck or the John Hancock Observatory both offer sweeping views of the Chicago skyline.

Students Travel Groups: Well Fed Chicago Style
When everyone gets hungry, there are marvelous restaurants across the city. For some authentic Chicago deep-dish pizza, you may want to dine at Gino’s East Pizza. And for great food and fun times, you may want to take your student group to the Hard Rock Café or the Rainforest Café.

Educational Travel…and All That Jazz
As you go from place to place, your students will marvel at the wealth of architecture, the soaring skyscrapers, and an enormous untitled sculpture by Picasso; budding musicians will delight to hear some real Chicago jazz; and everyone will enjoy the view of Lake Michigan and two great rivers. All in all a three or four day trip to the Windy City is rich in educational opportunities and experiences for any student group. Because Chicago is such a large city with many sights worth seeing, it’s best to start planning your trip with some research and the help of an educational travel professional.

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Educational Travel Consultants Ushers in Spring: Student Travel to Philadelphia and Boston

Student travel groups tour in the spring because the school year is winding down and it’s a pleasant time to be outdoors. A student travel trip at this time of year can help reinvigorate the learning experience, when students are distracted thinking about other things, such as their summer vacation plans or their newest girlfriend or boyfriend.

Increase in Interest for Travel to Boston and Philadelphia
This year, we are seeing an increase in interest in student travel to Philadelphia and Boston. This blog contains some detailed information about student travel to both destinations. Both Philadelphia and Boston were a hotbed of activity during the Revolutionary period, though each city offers its own unique experience of many different periods in history.

Philadelphia and Boston: Birthplace of Our Nation
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Boston, Massachusetts were both part of the original 13 colonies and have a history that can be traced to early American settlement. This makes each destination an excellent choice for an overview of colonial history. Students learn about many different aspects of society during the colonial period, and they are able to take a closer look at some of the major historical figures of the period, too.

Add Destinations to a Washington D.C. Trip
For students visiting the Washington D.C. area, there’s an informative article on this blog that provides some ideas about day or overnight trips to nearby destinations. These include Philadelphia and Lancaster, Williamsburg, or Gettysburg. These add ons to the Washington D.C. student travel tour help provide a broader overview to several crucial periods in American history: the Colonial period, the RevolutionaryWar, and the Civil War. There are other periods in history that are highlighted at these student travel destinations, but these are the major historical periods that are covered in many social studies curriculums.

A Charter Bus Can Take Student Groups to Williamsburg, Philadelphia, and Gettysburg
The logistics of getting students to locations that lie about 2-3 hours outside of Washington D.C. are not so bad. Securing a charter bus to travel to Williamsburg for an all day tour and an overnight visit is an economical and comfortable way to travel. An Educational Travel Consultants representative can assist groups that are flying into the Washington D.C. area in planning an itinerary and booking a charter bus for excursions outside of Washington D.C.

Walking Tour of Historic Olde City Philadelphia
Student groups selecting the Philadelphia walking tour as an activity will want to plan ahead by wearing comfortable walking shoes and bringing along some water for the trip. The walking tour of Philadelphia is centered in Olde City and the surrounding area but city blocks are much longer than some may anticipate. Students should pack lightly, bring what they need, and come prepared to enjoy the day and learn about our nation’s beginnings.

If you are a teacher or chaperone planning a trip to the Washington D.C. area, consider the educational benefits of adding another location and more historical information to a student group trip.