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Eddie Boggs, Washington D.C. Tour Guide, Educator, Leader on Student Trips

When Eddie Boggs was a guidance counselor for Timberstone Junior High School in Sylvania, Ohio, he organized combined student trips to Washington D.C. with McCord Junior High School. Fifteen years ago, he started bringing this large group of 200 students to Washington D.C. with Educational Travel Consultants.

A Lifelong Educator Becomes a Tour Guide with ETC
Today, Eddie Boggs is a licensed Washington D.C. tour guide and he works for Educational Travel Consultants. For Boggs, a former English and Social Studies teacher, the educational student trip is the perfect tool to help engage students in the study of the history of the United States and our government. “I know that most of the students who take the trip to Washington D.C. are going because their friends are attending,” says Boggs, “but if I can educate them in the process, it’s icing on the cake.”

Boggs has been a career educator, with a strong commitment to his community and his schools. He says, “Parents are sending their kids on these trips now because they went with me to Washington D.C. in 8th grade. The parents are the best ambassadors for the student trip.” Though Boggs jokes, “”I’ll probably quit when I get the fourth generation of students,” he admits he loves his job so much because he is a performer and he loves to make people happy.

Boggs says he loves to entertain. He plays guitar and sings folk music, and is still an active performer in the genre. He reflected, “I have traveled all over the country singing and had the opportunity to meet people. I’m a solo-performing artist and I play with the New Christian Minstrels — a folk group from the 1960s.”

Touring in the Spring with Student Travel Groups
Boggs is retired from his position as Guidance Counselor at Timberstone Junior High School, but he still has a full schedule of spring touring with Educational Travel Consultants. Boggs also teaches college in the fall at the University of Toledo. He teaches counseling methods to teachers there. For him, teaching, performing, and being a tour guide all tap the same skill sets.

Reflecting upon the past 15 years of bringing student groups on tour of Washington D.C. with Educational Travel Consultants, Boggs is certain that he has chosen the right company to work alongside. And, now he is proud to represent the same company on educational tours.

Ohio Students Attend a Washington D.C. Student Trip Every June
Boggs still brings the school trip to Washington D.C. each June. “It’s a nice big group of students. We used to go in the spring but we didn’t know how to dress because the temperatures are so variable. In the summer it’s so much easier to just pack some shorts, shirts, and sandals. Since we have almost 200 people going it’s a challenge to manage all of that luggage. We try to keep luggage as light as possible to prevent extra fees.”

The Economics of Partnering With Educational Travel Consultants on Student Trips

Economy and service are two of the main reasons Boggs has worked so well with Educational Travel Consultants over the years. Boggs says, “The Clemens family is honest and they have integrity. Their staff has the same kind disposition as them. I have worked with, and for, an honest sincere company that tries to keep the cost of student trips down as low as possible.”

Other Student Travel Companies are More Expensive

Over the years, Boggs has listened to parents’ stories about the cost of other student trips with other schools and student travel organizations. “There are other families around here going on student trips with other companies and they are paying twice as much,” he acknowledges.” I know parents are getting ripped off and I hate that. I try to keep the cost low so as many students can go as possible.”

Despite hard economic times and uncertain fuel costs, Educational Travel Consultants has maintained the same economical per student cost and always allowed a proportionate number of chaperones to travel for free. This incredible deal has been maintained during the worst of times — and it means a great deal to parents, students, and teachers on a tight budget.

For more information on scheduling a tour, or to request Eddie Boggs as a tour guide for a student trip to Washington D.C. contact an Educational Travel Consultant, or fill out the short questionnaire to request a quote.