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Special $269 per Student: Black History Tour of Washington D.C. and Baltimore

Washington D.C. and Baltimore are two urban areas where black history is rich and diverse, spanning the whole history of the United States. Baltimore was a port city since the Revolutionary Era. On the shores of the Potomac River, Washington D.C. grew to prominence in the same period. The great accessibility of these cities during the American Revolution and the Civil War Era makes these destinations a repository for black history.

A well-planned student trip to Washington D.C. and Baltimore illustrates the long struggle for civil rights. A focused itinerary can highlight its most famous and eloquent spokespersons.

Now Educational Travel Consultants is offering this unique trip for only $269 per student. Class trips scheduled to visit Washington D.C. can ask for a focused itinerary on black history and take in the usual stops such as the Capitol and White House, from the perspective of black history, if there is enough advanced planning.

Following is an outline of an itinerary for this $269 special tour of Washington D.C. and Baltimore on black history and civil rights.

Baltimore, MD: Black History Destinations

Morgan State University is a 130-year old inner city university in Baltimore that has historically served a multi-ethnic base and is an excellent choice for student tours.

Baltimore is also home to the Great Blacks in Wax Museum. This is a well-loved destination. Here, students will experience full-size wax replicas of great historical and contemporary black figures.

Washington D.C. African American History

Metropolitan A.M.E. Church is a place where black history and Christianity walk hand-in-hand. Students will see a gothic architectural treasure that can seat up to 2,500 people.

Frederick Douglas Historic Home was the family house of one of this country’s pre-eminent African Americans. Douglas was a literate freed slave who was published and widely read in his lifetime.

Benjamin Banneker Memorial Circle celebrates the life of the African American surveyor who measured the 10 mile piece of land that later became downtown Washington D.C.

Students can contemplate the great works of civilization through the lens of African American history at the National Museum of African Art. Another famous highlight of the black history tour is the Martin Luther King, Jr. Library. The lobby has “The King Mural” on display, painted by Don Miller. Inside, MLK’s lifetime of work on civil rights issues is well documented.

Student Entertainment and Dining Choices on Black History Tour
There are also some excellent choices for dining with this $269 special. Student groups may select the Hard Rock Café or ESPN Zone, or even a Pizza buffet in the evening.

Entertainment choices include the Medieval Times Dinner Show, Broadway style musical dinner theatre or even a Potomac River Dinner DJ dance cruise. These entertainment options will incur additional fees.

While studying black history, students will learn relevant facts in Washington D.C. and Baltimore. For more information on the $269 special email info@educationaltravelconsultants.com or Request a Quote right now by submitting the online form.