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Disney Youth Programs Ideal for Band Trips to Orlando

Music, dance and theatre are a large part of the entertainment at Disney in Orlando, Florida. So it’s only natural that music students and those who play in high school bands and orchestras want to take trips to Walt Disney World Orlando and partake of it all.  Walt Disney was one of the greatest entertainers of the 20th Century, so seeing Disney in action is a great way to learn about the world of professional performance.

Music teachers and band trip leaders need to know that as part of a band trip to Orlando, groups can also participate in Disney Youth programs designed specifically for the student musician. For those who are searching for an adjudicated or non-adjudicated music festival, Disney Youth Programs provide this option, too.

Students who participate in Disney Youth Programs become a part of the artistic experience of Disney. Disney is a resort that has created itself anew as each decade passes, with plenty to offer the group that wants a truly interactive performance experience.  Whether it’s a hands on learning experience taught by professional performance artists or a festival where the band performs live on a Disney stage, the experience is sure to thrill and excite high school bands and orchestras visiting Disney World.

Disney Performing Arts Onstage/Instrumental

Every serious student musician dreams of performing in a professional setting. Disney provides this environment for music students by giving groups access to actual Disney recording studios and venues. The high school band or orchestra can select to perform in public on a Disney stage, and/or opt to take a workshop, too.   Take a Performance Lab, A Soundtrack Session in Instrumental or Jazz or even Music 101.

You’re Instrumental:  Disney Performing Arts Workshops

The emphasis in this Disney Youth Education workshop is maximizing rehearsal time, taking a lead from professional musicians. Students learn how to hone their site reading and music expression skills and align their intonation, balance and tone quality with the conductor’s interpretation.  As a finale, the band or orchestra has the experience of recording in a real Disney studio, performing scored music that complements a film sequence.  This workshop meets the National Standards for Arts Education as established by the National Association for Music Education.  It’s the perfect workshop to augment a student musician’s curriculum, especially one that is seriously considering this profession.

Instrumental/The Disney Honors
The Disney Honors is for the band or choir that needs feedback on performances.  The venue is the Linda Chapin Theater, designed specifically for music, with state-of-the-art acoustics offering, “aesthetic and technical perfection.”  Student groups will have the opportunity to warm up first, and then perform in front of distinguished music educators for 30 minutes.  The post performance clinic consists of evaluations by these professionals and conversation about critiques.  This unique music festival experience takes musicianship up a notch for student bands and orchestras.

Instrumental Festival Disney

This is a competitive music festival by Disney that is designed for instrumental ensembles.  It is judged by distinguished collegiate music educators from across the U.S. Band leaders and music teachers may request either competitive or non-competitive adjudication programs. The venue for Instrumental Festival Disney is The Premiere Theater at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Theme Park, with 900-seats and high technology for the best audio sound.

Jazz It Up/Disney Performing Arts Workshops

For those students who get excited about improvisational techniques, the Jazz it Up Workshop is a special treat.  It’s a 2 ½ hour workshop that focuses on rehearsing and recording Disney songs in jazz style.  This workshop will improve students’ skills in playing jazz. They will learn more about the importance of timing in jazz and expand their jazz vocabulary. Student musicians will have the opportunity to fine tune musical improvisational skills and other jazz techniques.  The workshop concludes with a studio recording session.  The Jazz It Up workshop meets the National Standards for Arts Education established by the National Association for Music Education.

Student musicians and teachers know how much time and energy is spent rehearsing for public performances. For music educators, there is no greater experience than bringing their band or orchestra into the public eye and having them succeed. When planning a student trip to Walt Disney Orlando, band and orchestra leaders should consider adding a Disney Youth Programs Performing Arts Workshop to the itinerary.  Request a quote for more information about a student trip to Orlando that includes Disney Youth Programs.

A High School Band Trip to Orlando FL

Performance trips are a great way to showcase a marching band, orchestra, ensemble or choir. This type of trip always includes a public appearance of the band at a desirable venue. For Kris Parish, Performing Arts Chair at Santiago High School in Corona California and his co-director, Joe Dudek, historic venues are preferred.  “We played at Pearl Harbor twice and Carnegie Hall,” says Parish. They have been bringing their high school band on a trip each year for many years. “The band has been to Hawaii, Seattle, Vancouver, San Francisco, New York City, and Washington D.C.” recalled Parish.

Band Trip to Orlando Florida Includes Performance at Kennedy Center

This past spring, Parish and Dudek brought their band to Orlando, Florida, where they spent six days and five nights exploring the theme parks and sites. This particular band trip included a performance at Kennedy Space Center. Other high school bands have performed in Magic Kingdom or other Disney parks – so there are many options open for student musicians bound for this destination. The band performed at an outdoor stage.  “It was a great location to perform,” said Parish. “Kennedy Space Center enjoyed having us and the crowd was very receptive,” he added.

Students Raise Funds to Travel
Parish and Dudek direct a 210 piece marching band (recently selected to perform in the 2013 Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade), three jazz ensembles and three concert bands for Santiago High School.  The marching band prepared for this trip with extra rehearsals.  About 100-130 students attend these performance trips each year.  Students fund their trip a variety of ways.  “They have all kinds of fundraisers: selling candy, entertainment books, and holiday greenery,” said Parish.  And, parents make contributions to the band trip as well.

Disney Performing Arts Workshop a Memorable Part of Student Trip
One of the highlights of the trip was attending a Disney Performing Arts Workshop, “You’re Instrumental.” This interactive learning experience put the band in a real Disney recording studio, where they were asked to sight-read music in preparation for a recording.  A Disney clinician who watched their performance and commented on their skills and attitudes critiqued band members.  Finally, the band was asked to perform music along with a Disney animated feature film. “They got to see the performance DVD playback,” said Parish, who retained a copy of the DVD for the students.

High School Band Performance at Magic Kingdom Rained Out!
There was a minor disappointment for the group. They were slated to play in the “Celebrate a Dream Come Tru” parade in Magic Kingdom, but were rained out.  “The park was absolutely swamped,” said Parish.  The itinerary was packed with plenty of activities that eclipsed this minor disappointment: Epcot Center, Magic Kingdom, Universal Islands of Adventure, and the Kennedy Space Center.  The group also visited Cocoa Beach and had a cookout.

Orlando is an excellent choice for a marching band trip because of the obvious draw of Walt Disney World and Universal Islands of Adventure.  Disney does a great job of incorporating active learning programs alongside the exhibits and invites students to participate in park performances.   Other cities, such as New York City and Washington D.C., also have a great deal to offer in terms of performance venues and entertainment.

To request a quote for a band trip to any city in the U.S. take a moment to fill out the inquiry form.  Or, email info@educationaltravelconsultants.com for more information.