Top Reasons Why Educational Travel is Important

How important is educational travel? Education plays a very important role in shaping one’s life. Education doesn’t just provide a person with knowledge on how to read and write but it teaches a person to find out the reasons behind anything. To be more effective, education must not be limited to classroom activities. Students must be given a chance to experience “hands-on” what they learn in a classroom. A way of providing the students to bridge the gap between classroom education and hands-on experience is through educational travel.

Educational Travel Immerses Students to History

History is primarily learned from books and elaborated in the classroom. However, learning is enhanced even more if students get the experience to feel and see what it is exactly like during a particular historical event. An educational trip to Washington DC could bring students to an adventure they will never forget. The rich history of Washington DC will provide students a more personal experience of the Vietnam War. The Lincoln Memorial will bring personal experience to students on how President Lincoln and Martin Luther King led movements to end slavery in the Southern states. An educational tour in Washington DC can bring alive a bunch of US history to the students.

Educational Travel Immerses Students to Nature

Science lessons about nature and wildlife will be more fun and interesting if students learn them outside of the classroom. The National Geographic Museum in Times Square, New York will immerse students into the wildlife of the Pacific Ocean. Have the students encounter underwater creatures like dolphins, whales, sharks, etc. The National Geographic Museum will bring the students the feeling of a real-life encounter with the beauty of the ocean.

An educational trip to Atlanta will also bring exciting nature experiences to students. The Georgia Aquarium will take the students to a close encounter with the creatures from the sea. River Scout enhances students’ understanding of other animals that inhabit the rivers of Georgia, South America, Africa, and Asia.
Zoo Atlanta is known for the giant pandas from China named Yang Yang and Lun Lun. The zoo also houses various mammals and over 50 species of birds. Students can also experience the world of botany through Zoo Atlanta’s tropical garden.

A few hours of travel from Atlanta to Chattanooga exposes the students to its rich history and exceptional geologic formations. From Rock City, students will witness the breathtaking views of Chattanooga. The Ruby Falls exhibits the amazing cave system beneath the Lookout Mountain.
Educational Travel Eases Away Classroom Boredom

Boredom is a result of monotonous activity in classroom learning which can hinder the learning eagerness of students and may result in lower grades. From time to time, students need a breather – outside the classroom and being in a new environment that encourages new ways of learning. Studies prove that out-of-classroom learning activities increase the students’ grade levels to more than 60%.
Educational Travel Encourages Social Growth

Educational travel creates interactions among students. Students are also exposed to interacting with strangers and tour guides. These interactions help students learn more by exchanging views and experiences with each other. Asking questions from tour guides can also help develop an inquisitive mind among students as well as expose them to a better understanding of life. Additionally, students get to bond with their classmates in a new environment and gives them an opportunity to learn more about each other as well.


Educational travel is a very important part of learning that every educational institution must include in its curriculum. It is a fun way of educating students not only through academics but also a way to expose them to a wide range of skills in life. Educational travel allows students to understand various cultural differences, which could be of good use to them when they get to meet people from different cultures. For the reason that educational travel allows the students to be immersed in fresh experiences, it helps students to plan on what career path to take. Lastly, educational travel helps students make lifetime memories that they can share with classmates, friends, and family.

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