Disney Youth Programs Ideal for Band Trips to Orlando

Music, dance and theatre are a large part of the entertainment at Disney in Orlando, Florida. So it’s only natural that music students and those who play in high school bands and orchestras want to take trips to Walt Disney World Orlando and partake of it all.  Walt Disney was one of the greatest entertainers of the 20th Century, so seeing Disney in action is a great way to learn about the world of professional performance.

Music teachers and band trip leaders need to know that as part of a band trip to Orlando, groups can also participate in Disney Youth programs designed specifically for the student musician. For those who are searching for an adjudicated or non-adjudicated music festival, Disney Youth Programs provide this option, too.

Students who participate in Disney Youth Programs become a part of the artistic experience of Disney. Disney is a resort that has created itself anew as each decade passes, with plenty to offer the group that wants a truly interactive performance experience.  Whether it’s a hands on learning experience taught by professional performance artists or a festival where the band performs live on a Disney stage, the experience is sure to thrill and excite high school bands and orchestras visiting Disney World.

Disney Performing Arts Onstage/Instrumental

Every serious student musician dreams of performing in a professional setting. Disney provides this environment for music students by giving groups access to actual Disney recording studios and venues. The high school band or orchestra can select to perform in public on a Disney stage, and/or opt to take a workshop, too.   Take a Performance Lab, A Soundtrack Session in Instrumental or Jazz or even Music 101.

You’re Instrumental:  Disney Performing Arts Workshops

The emphasis in this Disney Youth Education workshop is maximizing rehearsal time, taking a lead from professional musicians. Students learn how to hone their site reading and music expression skills and align their intonation, balance and tone quality with the conductor’s interpretation.  As a finale, the band or orchestra has the experience of recording in a real Disney studio, performing scored music that complements a film sequence.  This workshop meets the National Standards for Arts Education as established by the National Association for Music Education.  It’s the perfect workshop to augment a student musician’s curriculum, especially one that is seriously considering this profession.

Instrumental/The Disney Honors
The Disney Honors is for the band or choir that needs feedback on performances.  The venue is the Linda Chapin Theater, designed specifically for music, with state-of-the-art acoustics offering, “aesthetic and technical perfection.”  Student groups will have the opportunity to warm up first, and then perform in front of distinguished music educators for 30 minutes.  The post performance clinic consists of evaluations by these professionals and conversation about critiques.  This unique music festival experience takes musicianship up a notch for student bands and orchestras.

Instrumental Festival Disney

This is a competitive music festival by Disney that is designed for instrumental ensembles.  It is judged by distinguished collegiate music educators from across the U.S. Band leaders and music teachers may request either competitive or non-competitive adjudication programs. The venue for Instrumental Festival Disney is The Premiere Theater at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Theme Park, with 900-seats and high technology for the best audio sound.

Jazz It Up/Disney Performing Arts Workshops

For those students who get excited about improvisational techniques, the Jazz it Up Workshop is a special treat.  It’s a 2 ½ hour workshop that focuses on rehearsing and recording Disney songs in jazz style.  This workshop will improve students’ skills in playing jazz. They will learn more about the importance of timing in jazz and expand their jazz vocabulary. Student musicians will have the opportunity to fine tune musical improvisational skills and other jazz techniques.  The workshop concludes with a studio recording session.  The Jazz It Up workshop meets the National Standards for Arts Education established by the National Association for Music Education.

Student musicians and teachers know how much time and energy is spent rehearsing for public performances. For music educators, there is no greater experience than bringing their band or orchestra into the public eye and having them succeed. When planning a student trip to Walt Disney Orlando, band and orchestra leaders should consider adding a Disney Youth Programs Performing Arts Workshop to the itinerary.  Request a quote for more information about a student trip to Orlando that includes Disney Youth Programs.

A New Student Travel Site in DC: Capital Ferris Wheel Set to Open this Spring

National Harbor will have a 175 foot observation wheel opening in May 2014.

Student travel groups with a destination of Washington D.C. will want to spend some time at The National Harbor (NH).  It’s located on the shores of Prince George County, Maryland, just across the Potomac River from Washington D.C.

The National Harbor encompasses a stretch of shoreline with magnificent views of Washington D.C. and the many famous structures that dot the skyline of the nation’s capital. National Harbor visitors will have a new treat when they come in the spring of 2014: The Capital Ferris Wheel. Get ready for a ride on an observation wheel that is 175 feet above the Potomac River, providing phenomenal views of downtown Washington D.C. and the surrounding area.

The Capital Wheel

This project is a small piece of the National Harbor as a whole, which offers hotels, shopping, dining and entertainment for visitors.  While student tour groups may enjoy these activities, some groups may have limited time to further explore the National Harbor – but trip leaders will still want to schedule a ride on the Capital Ferris Wheel.

The Capital Ferris Wheel is slated for completion in May, 2014 and will be a great attraction to enhance National Harbor. Initially, developers wanted to build a Disney theme park and resort at National Harbor, but this deal fell through.

Now MGM will be building a casino at National Harbor instead, a decision that has left many unhappy.   Student travelers and educational travel companies would have benefitted more from a Disney resort than a casino.  Yet the harbor itself and the views of D.C. the Capital Wheel provides are reason enough to visit.

Representatives of the maker of the Capital Wheel, Chance Rides, call it an observation wheel, not a ferris wheel, making an important distinction.  Rather than a carnival ride, the Capital Wheel is designed for those who want a long, slow look at landmarks with a bird’s eye view of the Washington D.C. skyline.  Each ride allows for two revolutions around the Capital Wheel. Riders see views of the Washington Monument, U.S. Capital, the Pentagon, Alexandria, Virginia and Prince George’s County, Maryland.

There are other world-class cities that have observation wheels and these have proven to have great appeal for the public. The idea is to see iconic landmarks in cities like Washington D.C. from a high vantage point.  Other cities with wheels include, Seattle, Washington and London, England, among others. The London Eye reaches heights of over 400 feet and surely bedazzles visitors.

Up to eight people can be seated in each of the 42 climate controlled gondolas and it can be used year round. Students can ride it anytime between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m., making it convenient to complementary activities in Northern Virginia, such as a visit to Arlington National Cemetery and/or Mount Vernon.

On a pleasant spring or fall day, student travel groups will love a visit to the Potomac River waterfront, strolling along the docks of the National Harbor Marina. If there is time for the student tour group, perhaps they can enjoy a lunch or dinner at one of the fine restaurants in National Harbor, too. If time permits, groups may take water taxi rides or even add a sightseeing cruise on the Potomac River to their itinerary. Whatever the plan when visiting National Harbor, consult an educational travel company. Their experts will help to coordinate the trip with visits to many of the other rich historical and cultural sites to visit in the Washington D.C. area.

Visit http://www.educationaltravelconsultants.com for more information about student trips to Washington D.C. that include a stop at the National Harbor.