Educational Travel Consultants Expands Staff, Celebrates 30 Years in Business

(Hendersonville, NC)  Educational Travel Consultants (ETC) celebrates its 30th year in the student travel business. ETC was founded by Howard and Cheryl Clemens, now deceased. Their daughters, Tiffany and Kristen Clemens, are assuming management roles in the company this year, with their father, Howard Clemens, as CEO.  “I’m pleased Tiffany and Kristen are as committed to this company as I am,” remarked Howard Clemens.  “We’ve been organizing student trips to Washington D.C. and other locations since they were children, so they have plenty of experience.  Their mother was a real motivating force in getting them involved in running the company.”

Tiffany Clemens graduated from the University of Texas Brownsville with a Bachelors degree in International Business. She speaks Spanish and is working on a Certificate from New York University in Spanish to English translation. Tiffany Clemens has worked for ETC since 2002 and she is the General Manager.

Kristen Clemens has a background in education. Her previous positions were at the Love and Learning Pre-School and Telamond Migrant Headstart. At Telamond, she used her fluency in Spanish to work with a Hispanic student population.  Kristen Clemens is Educational Travel Coordinator for K-12 school trips.

ETC began by serving the Washington D.C., New York City and Orlando student travel markets in 1983, with informative educational tours for K-12 groups at affordable prices with no hidden charges or fees.

As the company evolved, student tours of Philadelphia, Boston, New York City, Williamsburg and Gettysburg were added to the roster as well as other major U.S. cities and some Canadian and Mexican destinations.

ETC became popular with educators who coordinated trips with the company each year.  ETC founders and staff started to formulate specific tours geared towards areas of study such as history, science, performance and other types of class trips. Staff accommodated teachers by designing custom school trips to focus on special areas of study.  The professionalism ETC staff demonstrates has enabled the company to retain loyal teachers and student travelers for decades.

Over the past three decades, ETC established a solid name as a student tour company to be relied upon to keep prices for individual students low enough for the maximum number of students to attend their class trips.  Visit the website to learn more about Educational Travel Consultants or email

Student Travel Options: Duck Tours of Great American Historic Cities

by Howard Clemens

Duck Tours are a popular way for student groups to see Philadelphia by land or on the Delaware River.

Students who travel around the world have been enjoying America’s Duck Tours.  This is one of the most unique historic tour experiences you will find yourself climbing on board for in America’s hottest cities.  These WWII amphibious landing vehicles drive through streets while tour guides point out America’s treasured historic sites, then hop in the water to see the city from another perspective –by waterway.  Children and adults alike love Duck Tours. In Philadelphia, everyone gets their own duck quacking whistle, and learns something about American history with the most fun possible.

When visiting the East Coast, consider taking the Duck Tours in Philadelphia, Washington D.C. or Boston.  These professional tours are led by informative and skilled public speakers who love their jobs and the cities they live in – showing off the riches of Washington D.C., Philadelphia and Boston to student travel groups.

There was a Duck Tour of New York City, but it was discontinued, much to student travelers dismay.  Hopefully another Duck Tour of NYC will emerge again soon.

Philadelphia Duck Tour: City Of Liberty
An educational travel company representative should purchase Duck Tour tickets in advance of touring to ensure the student travel group secures enough seats.  These high view Duck Tour seats offer a premium vantage for seeing some of the most dramatic sites of America’s fight for independence.  See where the founding fathers forged and signed the Declaration of Independence, Benjamin Franklin’s first print shop, and Betsy Ross’s house where she sewed the first stars and stripes to Old Glory.  Then drive right into the water at Penn’s Landing and float down the Delaware River to see Washington’s Crossing, one of the most dramatic stories of a struggling young nation’s courageous first generals, making his place in history to become America’s first president.

Student Travel Groups go to Washington DC to Study the Seat of Freedom
Board the Duck Tour of Washington D.C. at Union Station where you will drive by America’s most visited house: The White House.  The tour provides snippets of fascinating audio news clips as well as some of the most important speeches by the likes of president Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  The American Capitol has never had a more interesting tour down Pennsylvania Avenue. Driving by some of the finest architecture of any nation in the world, heads turn to see the Duck vehicle, a unique addition to city streets.  Student groups will remember seeing the famous Washington Monument from the water.  Coast down the Potomac River to see the flowering cherry trees in the spring, a vision of beauty millions of people travel from all over the world to see, but no one will see them quite like this, unless they take a Duck Tour.

Boston’s Duck Tour Gives a Unique Perspective of American History

Student trips to Boston, Massachusetts are more exciting when they include Duck Tours. From Bunker Hill to the Battery Wharf, come see Boston as many patriots and new arrivals in Boston saw it at first glance – from a ship. See the site of famous Bostonian Mary Barrett Dyer’s hanging, executed for her religious beliefs in 1660.  Ride by the magnificent Old State House and Longfellow Bridge – just a couple of the other historic landmarks you will also get to visit.  See the famous Boston pub Cheers, made notorious by its popular television sitcom.  After driving through the streets of Boston, student groups on the Duck Tour plunge into the world famous Charles River for a view of Boston and Cambridge no other tour could possibly present to the group.

Boston, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. are not the only cities that offer Duck Tours.  Seattle, San Francisco, Branson and Austin, as well as some other U.S. destinations, also provide the opportunity to take Duck Tours.  Students and teachers say that taking Duck Tours is the most fun and exciting educational experience out there today.  There is no better way to spend time with classmates and learn about history when visiting these great American cities. Be sure to ask a student travel group leader to put a Duck Tour on the itinerary.