ETC Special: As Low as $399 to Boston, MA

With the new school year beginning, it’s time to start planning student trips to destinations across the United States. Educational Travel Consultants would like to suggest ways to keep student travel within budgets. This is why the company is offering a special price on popular destinations this fall. Consider taking your student travel group to Boston, MA for a price as low as $399 per student. This price includes a motor coach for travel throughout the Boston, MA area.

Part of the mission of Educational Travel Consultants is to continue to provide economical trips for educational purposes to major destinations. At ETC, our professionally trained staff plans trips that include points of interest that provide learning about history, art and culture, architecture as well as fun and interesting choices for entertainment, shopping, and dining.

Following is a List of Potential Points of Interest for a Student Trip to Boston, MA:

– Concord Attractions (including: Old North Bridge, Minute Man Statue, Old Manse and Walden Pond)
– Lexington
– House of Seven Gables (a book written by Nathaniel Hawthorne)
– Salem Witch Museum
– Optional Boston Red Sox baseball game or an evening performance of “Shear Madness”
– Guided tour of Boston (Freedom Trail): including: Boston Common, State House, Faneuil Hall, Old North Church and the U.S.S. Constitution (also known as “Old Ironsides”)
– Dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe
– Optional Whale Watching Cruise to begin in mid-April
– Museum of Science (including Omnimax movie)
– Plymouth Rock
– Mayflower II
– Plymouth Plantation

A student trip to Boston MA would include at least two nights of hotel accommodations in quads with nightly security, two breakfasts and two dinners, all admissions and entrance fees, all taxes and tips, a professional tour escort (that is a local guide) and coverage under ETC’s $2 million Liability Insurance policy. As an extra bonus, one totally free teacher or chaperone is included for every 10 paying student passengers (with double occupancy in hotel rooms).

For the student group that is comprised of a high school band, orchestra, or ensemble, performance trips are available to Boston MA upon request and the itinerary is adapted for this purpose. An ETC student travel specialist will set-up a performance venue in Boston, Plymouth or Salem, MA for the group. If the performance group requires and adjudicated performance, they will be accommodated with an appropriate venue. For the adjudicated music festivals, a surcharge of $40-70 per person will be added. The music festival season runs from April 10-June 4, 2010.

Educational Travel Consultants has been serving schools across the United States for 25 years and provides the highest quality student tours of many areas of the United States. To get started booking a tour, simply Request a Quote using the ETC online form and an educational travel professional will contact you upon receipt of the form. To contact a student travel professional directly, just email or call 1-800-247-7969.

Luggage Fees for Air Travel Increases: For Student Travel Go Light or Pay Extra Fees

For student travel groups headed to any destination by air this year, the overriding theme is: go light or pay the extra fees for luggage that weighs over 50 pounds. Due to the high cost of fuel in the fall of 2008, airlines were hard pressed to save costs and decided to lighten up in order to do so. In the past, heavy luggage limits were bags that weighed over 70 pounds. Most airlines have reduced the heavy luggage weight limit to 50 pounds. Since fuel is less expensive for lighter loads, it made sense to most airlines to charge extra fees for overweight luggage.

Nowadays air travel for student passengers is more expensive if bags are heavy. Student groups are encouraged to go light or pay extra. Many student groups traveling in 2009 chose to lighten their luggage rather than paying the overweight luggage fee.

If airline passengers do have luggage that exceeds 50 pounds, they may expect to be delayed at airport check-in because there is no pre-payment permitted for extra luggage charges. Since the luggage fee is applied at check-in, student travelers need to be conscientious of the weight in their bags or be prepared to get out the checkbook, ATM, or credit card. Student groups with luggage within weight limits are assured speedier check-in and less hassle when trying to board a flight.

Extra costs while on a student trip can be avoided with preparation and planning. There is a rule of thumb that many student travel groups can use as a guideline for luggage. If a piece of luggage is more than 50 pounds, the student traveler will pay extra for each piece. This could mean an additional $25 – $50 (or more) for each piece of luggage that exceeds the 50-pound weight limit.

Following is an overview of some major airlines and their current policies (as of August 2009) regarding luggage fees.

Southwest Airlines: Southwest Air distinguishes itself from other airlines by not charging extra fees for luggage. Management at Southwest Air has decided not to charge luggage fees if the air passenger checks two pieces of luggage and each bag weighs under 50 pounds.

US Air: For those student trips traveling on US Air, there is a fee for any piece of luggage that is not carried on board. The first piece of checked luggage is $20 for each way. The second checked bag is $30 each way. Luggage charged these standard fees must measure no more than 45″ or 14 x 9 x 22, and weigh up to 50 pounds. If luggage exceeds the 50-pound limit or dimensions, additional charges will apply. These can be as much as $50 to $100. For example, one piece of 50-70 pound luggage incurs a surcharge of $50 or more each way; 71-100 pound luggage incurs a surcharge of $100 each way.

American Airlines: American Airlines baggage fees are consistent with the US Air fees. American Airlines is charging $20 each way for the first piece of checked luggage and $30 each way for the second piece of checked luggage. Again, the 50-pound limit on each bag is enforced and bags over limit will be charged additional fees.

Delta: For those flying Delta, the first checked bag is $20 each way and the second bag is $30 each way. Similar to US Air and American Airlines, the 50-pound weight limit applies. Extra fees for overweight bags are applied. For example, a piece of luggage weighing 51-70 pounds is $90 for each bag, each way.

United: In keeping with the other major US Airlines, United has also instituted a similar fee for all checked baggage. The first piece of luggage incurs a $20 fee each way and the second piece is $30 each way. The 50-pound weight rule applies to most flyers. If any bags weigh more than 50 lbs or exceed 62 inches in length and/or any checked bags are considered special items a fee of $125 will be charged each way. United will not accept luggage that weighs over 100 pounds.

In conclusion, it is best to travel light to save both money and time. If student travelers must pack heavy, they need to be prepared to pay the extra fees at check-in. Remember, luggage fees for overweight bags and in most cases — for any checked bags –are collected each way. For information about arranging a student trip to any U.S. Destination, email or visit the Request a Quote page. An Educational Travel Consultant will answer your inquiry as quickly as possible.