Early Bird Special Price of $359 per Student for Travel to Orlando, FL

Educational Travel Consultants (ETC) is pleased to offer a special for student travel to Orlando Florida for a price as low as $359 per student. This price includes transportation. The student travel professionals at ETC challenge you to find a better rate for student travel to Orlando, Florida! Educators, parents and administrators who want to save money and still provide a high quality educational and fun trip to Walt Disney World — DO NOT miss this opportunity.

Planning a student trip to Orlando Florida is easier when coordinators know exactly what the budget is going to be and do not deviate from it. At Educational Travel Consultants, our philosophy is to inform school groups if the price will change. Price changes only happen when additional items are added to the itinerary or if upgrades are requested. Many student travel companies promise a low price per student, then add hidden costs that increase the final price. Educational Travel Consultants does not do business like this. This is the reason why ETC has been able to sustain a thriving business for nearly 25 years ? scheduling and executing annual trips from the same schools across the United States year after year.

The student trip to Orlando, FL Includes the Following:

– Deluxe Motor coach from a School Group’s Hometown
– Two Totally Free Teachers or Chaperones for Every 20 Students on Tour (double occupancy)
– Hotels (free upgrade to an all suite hotel if available)
– Admission and Entrance Fees to Three Walt Disney World Parks*
– Two Breakfasts and Two Dinners
– Coverage Under Educational Travel Consultants Liability Insurance Policy
– Taxes and Tips

*Student travel group coordinators may select three parks from four different Walt Disney World theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.

Performance Groups Headed to Orlando Florida
Musical groups such as high school bands, orchestras or ensembles who want to visit Walt Disney World at the $359.00 special price, need to indicate that their group is interested in performing. Besides a superior public performance venue at a Walt Disney World theme park, performance groups will also attend a backstage educational musical workshop taught by Disney’s own musical professionals. Students in high school bands, orchestras or ensembles love to participate in these additional programs because they gain insight into the performance profession and have a chance to showcase their musical abilities.

Social Studies, Language Arts, Science and Art Classes: Participate in a Disney Y.E.S. Program

Walt Disney World Theme Parks are an excellent place to learn about a wide variety of academic topics. Included in the $359 price for a student trip to Orlando is an educational Y.E.S. program. Learn more about the Y.E.S. programs by visiting Educational Travel Company’s website page on this topic. These programs are hands-on, interactive learning experiences that help students understand how Walt Disney World works behind the scenes. The Y.E.S. programs are specifically tailored to different areas of academic study.

Coordinators Planning a Senior Class Trip: Do it on Disney Grad Night
Senior class trips can celebrate their last year of school by visiting Orlando Florida anytime of year and ETC will honor the $359 special. Senior Class Trip coordinators may want to consider visiting Walt Disney World in April for Grad Night, where student groups can celebrate with their peers from all over the world. This is an exciting time to visit Walt Disney World, because the theme parks stay open later to accommodate the high school grads and special performances are given in their honor.

ETC’s student travel professionals are prepared to plan a fun, educational trip to Orlando, FL for a school group no matter what the area of academic interest or purpose of the student trip. Email info@educationaltravelconsultants.com or Request a Quote via ETC’s online form. See you in Walt Disney World!

Educational Travel Consultants Offers a Special Price of $299 per Student (with transportation) for Travel to Washington D.C.

Educational Travel Consultants is in touch with the times. Most Americans are facing economic challenges and the company wants to assist our valued partners and new school groups to continue to travel for educational purposes. We believe student trips can still travel well and learn a great deal, while keeping a close eye on budget and making the right decisions when planning the trip to Washington D.C.

As part of our early bird specials this summer, Educational Travel Consultants is offering a price as low as $299 per student for group travel to Washington D.C.

This Washington D.C. student trip includes the following:

– A Tour Escort/Licensed Washington D.C. Tour Guide
– Deluxe Motor coach from a School Group’s Hometown
– Two Totally Free Teachers or Chaperones for every 20 students on tour (double occupancy)
– Hotels
– Admission and Entrance Fees
– Two Breakfasts and Two Dinners
– Coverage Under Educational Travel Consultants Liability Insurance Policy
– Taxes and Tips

Many student travel companies quote low prices and add hidden costs. This is not how Educational Travel Consultants does business. We are clear about our pricing, and what is included in the student trip from the outset. If student travel group coordinators, chaperones, teachers or administrators wish to add extra items to the itinerary, then they deserve a clear and concise answer about additional costs up front. The professional staff at Educational Travel Consultants delivers this information to clients upon request for additional itinerary items.

Educational Travel consultants has been escorting student trips to Washington D.C. for nearly 25 years. Thanks to our experience in this market, we know which educational experiences student trips tend to want when they visit the city, and which destinations they derive the most learning from.

An Educational Travel Consultants’ trip to Washington D.C. includes attractions such as the US Supreme Court, US Capitol, Smithsonian Museums, Arlington Cemetery, an illuminated tour of Washington D.C’s Memorials and Monuments plus other attractions as time permits.

For groups that are interested in more specific tours such as an Art Tour, Black History Tour, or Performance Tour of Washington D.C., an Educational Travel Consultant professional will assist in creating the perfect itinerary. These focused trips provide a wonderful learning experience to students who are studying art or African American history, or student in the high school band, orchestra, theater, or ensembles that wish to have a public performance or adjudicated music festival wound into their trip. Some of these specialty tours that Educational Travel Consultants custom designed are also priced staring at $299 per student.

For anyone planning a student trip to Washington D.C., please heed this advice: plan early! With post 911 security regulations in place at highly visited areas such as the White House and Capitol, it is imperative that reservations are made a minimum of six months to one year in advance. Read up on special requirements for booking a large group at these sites, on the Educational Travel Consultants blog.

For more information about booking a student trip to Washington D.C. email info@educationaltravelconsultants.com or Request a Quote.