Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta Georgia: A Visit to Georgia Aquarium for Student Travel Groups

Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta is a hub of educational and historical information for student travel groups. It was originally built for the 1996 Centennial Olympics. After the Olympics the park was closed and redesigned for public use. It reopened in 1998. Student travel groups will want to take a walking tour of Centennial Olympic Park. A lush Great Lawn in the center of the park is surrounded by commemorative quilts from the Olympic bombings, the Quilt of Nations, and The Fountain of Rings. If time allows, student groups will also want to visit one of the attractions surrounding it. The Georgia Aquarium, World of Coke, or CNN Center will be of interest to student travel groups.
The challenge for an educator is to decide which destination is most desirable and educational. The choice will depend upon the student travel group and the curriculum they’re following. With proper scheduling, groups may be able to visit all three. Or, if a custom itinerary requires only one of these venues, a tour of Centennial Olympic Park along with a trip to the Georgia Aquarium may be the best choice.
Some Background on the Georgia Aquarium
In this blog, I will give more details about the Georgia Aquarium. In future blogs I will highlight the World of Coke and CNN Center Tour. Georgia Aquarium is a great choice for an educational group because a visit here engages students by providing a glimpse into marine life. Students who do not live anywhere near a body of water such as an ocean or a bay will gain a great deal from the visit because they can witness aquatic life up close and personal. The Georgia Aquarium is the world’s largest and most engaging aquarium.
Lesson Plans for Teachers and Aquatic Fact Sheets
Georgia Aquarium has excellent educational programs in place for student travel groups. The organization supplies teachers with Aquatic Fact Sheets that give an overview of information about the Georgia Aquarium and the exhibits. Lesson Plans are also available for grades K-12.
Learning Loop Educational Experience
This student tour is designed to help students to understand aquatic systems and their make-up. An environmental educator, on staff with the Georgia Aquarium, provides students with a tour that describes the exhibits and the animal husbandry and the roles they play in tending the marine life. In order to replicate actual aquatic ecosystems, a great deal of work goes into exhibits for the upkeep of marine life. The Learning Loop Educational Experience is a great way to help students appreciate this work, and understand its importance in the science of marine biology.
Aqua Adventure
For teachers who wish to be the guide on their student tour of the Georgia Aquarium, Aqua Adventures may be the tour to select. An educator may download a teacher guide for the appropriate grade level in advance of the tour. Then the educator takes students on a tour through the main aquarium. There are plenty of interactive activities on Aqua Adventures, as well as age appropriate questions for students to answer. For a small additional fee per student, groups have the option of adding the Titantic Aquatic program (through May 2009). Actual artifacts from the wreck of the Titantic as well as narratives of survivors are incorporated into this exhibit.
Centennial Olympic Park is filled with an assortment of excellent choices in destinations for student travel groups. This overview of the Georgia Aquarium highlights educational aspects and is by no means a complete picture of what it has to offer the public. Visit Georgia Aquarium’s website for more information. If you would like to plan a student travel trip to Atlanta, please fill out a brief questionnaire about your group or contact an ETC student travel specialist at info@educationaltravelconsultants.com.

A Sample Itinerary for Student Travel to Atlanta Georgia-Only $369 Per Student

As part of ETC’s November specials, we’re offering a special price on student travel to Atlanta for a three-day trip. Complete costs for student trips to Atlanta begin at $369 per student. There are numerous ways to tour Atlanta, but one of the most popular ways to take in the city??s historical highlights is to study the places where Martin Luther King Jr. lived, worked and died. King made a huge impact in Atlanta. There are other exciting things for student groups to do in Atlanta, such as visit CNN studios, tour the Atlanta Zoo, see the Atlanta Aquarium, or visit Six Flags Over Georgia.

If it’s possible for the student group itinerary to include an extension of the 3-day trip, many types of activities, including visits to sites just outside of Atlanta, may also be added. Just ask a professional student travel consultant at ETC and we??ll be happy to assist in creating a custom itinerary for a group.

What’s Included in the $369 Student Trip to Atlanta?
Educational Travel Consultants provides a tour escort for the $369 per student price. This price also includes deluxe motor coach from a school group??s hometown, two totally free teacher/chaperones, hotels, admission and entrance fees, two breakfasts and two dinners, coverage under ETC’s Liability Insurance Policy, taxes and tips. The hotels where ETC student groups stay are just outside of the city, with private hallways and 24-hour security.

Martin Luther King, Jr. and Atlanta
Atlanta is a fantastic city to discover history and learn about the civil rights movement. For educational groups, a visit to Atlanta needs to include a trip to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. Here students will see the birthplace of Martin Luther King, Jr., the church where he worshipped and served, and his grave. Obviously, Atlanta meant a great deal to Martin Luther King, Jr. A student trip to these sites will bring MLK’s character and struggles for social justice in alignment with historical facts they may learn in class about the civil rights movement.

Tour CNN Studios in Atlanta

Many students are aware that CNN??s headquarters are in Atlanta. Student travel groups can visit the studio and take a tour. They will learn about day-to-day operations of the network and technical information about CNN. Student groups will also see a demonstration about weather broadcasts.

Zoo Atlanta, Georgia Aquarium, and the Atlanta Braves
Get set for a day of excitement when student groups tour Zoo Atlanta. There are several different exhibits, such as the Ford African Rain Forest, Flamingo Plaza, Masai Mara (a replica of East African Plains) and the Ketambe Exhibit, where the rare Sumatran Tigers are housed. Student groups may also plan a part of a day to visit the Georgia Aquarium, the world’s largest aquarium. As an optional activity, student groups may see an Atlanta Braves game in the evening. For students that have no major league baseball teams near their home, a Brave??s game is an unforgettable experience.

Student Travel Tours: Dining in Atlanta

At ETC we strive to offer complementary activities on student trips that excite and engage students. Student travelers love the Hard Rock Cafe, so it’s the restaurant of choice in many cities, not just Atlanta. Another student favorite in Atlanta is the Picadilly Cafeteria, or a similar style restaurant.

Amusement Parks in and Near Atlanta
Stone Mountain Theme Park and Six Flags Over Georgia are the two main choices for student entertainment on the Atlanta trip. In addition to rides and shows, Stone Mountain has a Laser and Fireworks Show that begins in mid-April and extends through the summer. Six Flags near any destination is a familiar and popular choice for any student group.

The $369 per student price for Atlanta includes admission to both amusement parks. A visit to a theme park is a good way to balance learning activities with fun and relaxation. This overview of the $369 special Atlanta tour is a great deal and will last through the end of 2008. So, don’t delay — book your student group today for a spring trip. Contact an educational travel professional at info@educationaltravelconsultants.com or call 800-247-7969.