Update for Student Travel Groups: Newseum Moves to Downtown Washington D.C.

Student travel groups headed to the Washington D.C. area this fall have a brand new Newseum to look forward to on tour. That’s right it’s the Newseum — not the Museum. This fun, interactive news museum is a student favorite. The Newseum was formerly located in Arlington and it’s now moved to downtown Washington D.C. It’s on Pennsylvania Avenue, not far from the U.S. Capitol and at the location of the former Canadian Embassy.
The Newseum’s location has moved to make room for even more exhibits that trace the history of the news. The news history galleries are numerous and they concentrate on different facets of news over the course of U.S. history. Issues such as time lags in news, the information superhighway of technology, and controversial ideas covered by news are all addressed in the Newseum. Boasting of over 4,000 newspapers in the archives, this Newseum is an extensive collection from early America to the present day.

Permanent Galleries at the Newseum
Student travel groups visiting Washington D.C. do not want to miss the Newseum. Teachers and administrators will want to schedule several hours time to tour the Newseum, and see some of the excellent exhibits and theaters. The 9/11 Gallery Sponsored by Comcast is a new addition to the Newseum, and chronicles the history of the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers that day.

15 Theaters at the Newseum
From big screen theater, to theaters devoted solely to documentary, sports or corporate America, the Newseum has it all. Students love to learn by video, and these carefully selected news shorts are sure to broaden their scope of knowledge about history and the way the news documents this.

Annenberg Theater Includes a 4 D Immersive Experience
The Walter and Leonore Annenberg Theater is the grandest of these theater venues. With graduated seating, surround sound and screens gracing either side of the auditorium, this theater is the crown jewel of the Newseum. This special theater has 3 D film and 4 D enhancements. Students can sit back and enjoy the trip through time via news media.

Sports Theater
Inside the Newseum is also a theater that focuses solely on the history of sports reporting. The Sports Theater showcases this by presenting a 25-minute documentary with highlights of sports history.

Big Screen Theater
There’s nothing quite like seeing a movie on the big screen. Student travel groups will be interested and excited to see historic news broadcasts on the big screen. The one hundred foot video wall is a visual testament to ‘big’ news that helps the viewer to relive history.

In addition to all of the theaters, there are permanent exhibits sponsored by newsmakers like the New York Times, NBC News and Bloomberg Internet, TV and Radio Gallery. There’s even a Pulitzer Prize Photographs gallery. All of these organizations bring a professional and unique perspective to the history of the news.

Just walking through the news galleries and sampling many of the films and exhibits is a way for student travelers to turn the pages back on history, and learn about our roots. News has evolved a great deal since the 17th Century, and it is now bolstered by the speed and ease of technology.

The Newseum does an excellent job of tracing the history of news making. Student travel trips to Washington D.C. need to include the Newseum on their itinerary, when they tour the Capitol district.

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