New York City Student Travel Tour Highlights

Student travel tours to New York City are once again popular. There is so much to see in New York City, that a three to four day educational tour needs to include the highlights. Naturally, educators are interested in visiting sites with historical, cultural, economic and social significance.

Students are thrilled by the opportunity to see the famous sites such as the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, Harlem, and The Empire State Building.� Yet they are also seeking deeper experiences in New York City, too.

For many students traveling from other areas of the country besides the East Coast this may be their only chance to visit New York City, and they want to see a Broadway musical on this trip. To order Broadway musical tickets for a large group who must be seated close together, advance planning is required. Student travel trips with a Broadway musical on the itinerary should be planning already for 2008 trips.

Educators planning student tours of New York City through Educational Travel Consultants can focus the trip on specific subjects and activities:

An Art Tour of New York City is a great idea for a class interested in creative endeavors.� This tour would include a visit to the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art as well as a visit to other prominent art collections housed in New York City, a visit to Greenwich Village, and a guided tour of Manhattan.

A Performance Tour would include a performance by the group at an adjudicated music festival or at Carnegie Hall or another venue, an NBC Studios Tour, a Broadway Show, and guided tours of New York City and the Statue of Liberty.

Educational Travel Consultants also has a special trip to the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in New York City.� Advance application is required for this student travel experience.� � Please contact a member of our professional team here at Educational Travel Consultants to request a form.

Educators and other individuals may also inquire about another type of educational travel trip to New York City — a standard package that includes many of the historical highlights.� Educational Travel Consultants provides security at night for students, professional tour guides, and great affordable trips to make the student travel experience, safe, unique and fun.
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