Destination: Orlando Florida for a Performance Tour

Nothing makes a student in orchestra, high school band, dance, or drama happier than the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience. The great news about scheduling a performance tour to Orlando Florida is that student performers may have the once in a lifetime opportunity of performing in front of an international audience.

The prospect of a performance tour with this opportunity gets children fired up about the educational travel experience. Their practice sessions become more focused leading up to the Florida field trip. Students care about polishing their technique and style for performance tours, and the collaboration leading towards the goal of performing at Disney World is good for them, too.

When visiting Orlando Florida with student travel groups, the most exciting part for me to watch is when students interact with professional Disney World performers in the workshops. Not only are students in awe of the professionals at Disney World, they begin to have a keen understanding that performers have jobs in the real world. They are inspired to consider the possibility of becoming a professional performer.

Educational Travel Consultants has a special focus in providing the highest quality student performance tours to educational travel groups. We have been developing student performance tours for 24 years and we know what gets students excited.

To inquire about a special performance tour or an adjudicated festival performance in Orlando Florida, simply call 800-247-7969 and ask one of our professional staff at Educational Travel Consultants for more information. Or, email to request a quote for your student travel group.

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