Educational Tours of Washington D.C.: Please Book Early!

There are many reasons to plan ahead with student travel groups headed for Washington D.C. One of the main reasons is that educational tours to the White House and The Capital are now planned well in advance.

In the days before 911, student groups waited in special lines upon arrival at the Capital building in Washington D.C. Since 911 and the War with Iraq, an educational tour to the Capital must be scheduled in advance through a local Congressman or Congresswoman. If the field trip to Washington D.C. is scheduled well in advance, chances are good that planning for the educational tour will go smoothly. If the request to visit the Capital is made at the last minute, the likelihood of scheduling the visit is remote.

Because so many student travel groups feel that a visit to the Capital is mandatory for a well- rounded experience of Washington D.C. I always emphasize that groups should plan early.

VIP Tours of the White House
Visits to the White House must also be scheduled in advance. Upon arrival to the White House, it is still mandatory that educational tour groups stand in the public line to wait for their tour.

A member of Educational Tour Consultants professional staff will schedule a special VIP tour with enough advance notice from the student tour group. The White House VIP tour saves time. Students do not have to wait in line at 7:00 a.m. the day of the tour in hopes of procuring an admission ticket for later in the day. Also this educational tour is usually led by a Secret Service Agent or another trained tour guide.

Ideally, student groups traveling to the Washington D.C. area in 2008 should be booking field trips now. With several months notice tours of the Capital and the White House can be scheduled. Email for more information.

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