Oh What A Day!

My wife and I were in Mexico this past week (as we do mission work across the border in Matamoros, Mexico). We were to board our flight at 4:00pm yesterday for a simple 1 hour flight to Houston to then connect to our last flight to Asheville, NC. Our incoming plane was delayed because of mechanical problems. By the time it got to Brownsville (over 2 hours late) we would now miss our connection (which was the final flight of the day) back home. We decided to still go on to Houston and get one flight out of the way, spend the night in a Houston hotel, and fly the final leg today.

So we boarded the plane and left Brownsville at 6:30pm. Just before landing in Houston, our pilot informed us that a severe thunder storm decided to sit over the airport, and the airport was now closed. The pilot said we had extra fuel so we could circle for awhile. Well, after an hour of circling (and the airport still closed) we were running low on fuel, and now had to be diverted to San Antonio to take on fuel. We landed in San Antonio at 9:30pm. As we were fueling, our pilot got on the speaker and said, “I have good news and bad news. The good news is that Houston airport is now open. The bad news is that this flight crew has now exceeded our legal flying time for the day. So we will have to have you deplane here and get on another jet. (There were already about a dozen other jets that also had to divert to San Antonio because they were also low on fuel). So we got on another jet and finally 5 hours after leaving Brownsville, we got to Houston. We were supposed to be home last night by 10:30pm. We got home today around 9:00pm. Oh yeah, we also had to fly into another airport (Greenville) and get a ride home (65 miles) instead of the 10 miles it would have been from Asheville airport. The end result is we got home about 24 hours late and with more flights and stops then we had ever planned on.

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