The Washington, DC Cycle is Recycling

About every 5 years the cycle of demand/supply in Washington, DC goes full circle. Even the affects of 9/11 haven’t changed that cycle. Right now (as things appear) hotel availability will be in short supply (and high demand) and prices will be up. We know this from being in direct contact with the hotels on a daily basis. School groups (especially larger ones like bands and choirs) need to be especially aware of this. Do not wait very long to make your Washington, DC travel arrangements, especially if you are traveling from Mid March thru mid June 2007. Prices will either be outrageous (for the few hotels that will have availability and will gouge) or you may be staying 50 miles or more from the center city. We have been in business 23 years and this is the 4th or 5th time the cycle has gone this way. What will most likely happen a couple of years from now is hotel general managers will be calling us with special deals because thy will have alot of empty rooms. However, that’s not this year. Book your trip early.

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