Student groups going to Washington DC want a tour of the Capitol

All the school groups we have that go to Washington, DC, whether it is a history or government class, or even it’s a choir or band, all want to visit the US Capitol and tour it. If you can think back five years ago (pre 9/11), you could get in one line if you had a school group and another for individuals and families and go right in without a reservation. Also no elaborate security screening. Those days are gone. That is why we stress that school groups need to book their trip early with us. Once we know your dates and approximate travelers, we can contact your local US Congressman (or woman) or Senator and get an appointment for you. This is now the only way you can get into the Rotunda of the Capitol. Some groups would like to get gallery passes too for the US House of Representatives or for the Senate, and we can also get those, but again book early, as the reservations are strictly controlled and it’s first come, first reserved. I feel badly for some school groups who book later in the fall and want to travel at a particularly busy Spring week. All we can do at that point is make the US Capitol a picture taking spot. All reservations would have been given out. Besides 9/11 the current architects that have been involved with renovations of the building, have put a maximum on the number of visitors allowed through the building each day (which is about 60% of what it used to be). So again, I say book your trip early so you won’t be disappointed about not getting into the US Capitol as well as other popular Washington, DC attractions.

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