Terrorist plot foiled on flights to USA

I don’t like these kind of stories, especially related to the sensitivity of the student travel market, but everyone is thinking back again to September 11, 2001 after yesterday’s foiled plane bombing plan. I have school groups right now booked on flights to New York City and Washington, DC and it makes people think again of the terrorist attack of five years ago. My mindset is different than alot of Americans, although I think over the last five years many have changed their mindset too. My mindset is, we no longer live in a protective “glass bubble” immune to events in other parts of the world. Israel has lived in a state of military readiness for years and yet they still live normal day to day lives (even with the latest rocket attacks from Hezbollah). The United States has a “knee jerk” reaction to terrorist threats. That reaction is to stop doing what we normally do and change our plans. This is actually one of the goals the terrorists have in mind. I’m not saying our country should not be caught with “their pants down”. I’m in favor of security measures. However, even with security measures in place, it does not make us impenetrable. We have to be able to live our normal lives (as they do in Israel) knowing we have very good security measures and an excellent Intelligence Department capable of sniffing out and finding terrorists and their plans against our country. I am also editorializing to school boards and administrations that cancel trips based on the news media accounts (which is also somewhat editorialized). You know, because of yesterday’s events, it is not unconceivable that a school from (let’s say) Jackson, Mississippi may cancel their trip to Atlanta. Sounds untrue. I was there after 9/11 and after we sent troops to Iraq in 2003. These kind of things happened. I hope, since 9/11 the American mentality has toughened.

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